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Season 11

Episode 18

(Endless Troubles)

In the beginning, he thought that she was very narcissistic. However, she was so openly narcissistic that it wasnt annoying. Later, she publicly declared that she liked having money, but it was not greed. She wanted to be vain, but she was greedy. She liked beautiful things Oh, this she was greedy for.

He liked that she was greedy for his beauty.

In any case, he didnt even know in the beginning if he thought that everything about her was good because he liked her or if it was the other way around.

The students heard that a celebrity was here to sponsor the school. They all ran out to see Lin Che. Although the students here didnt go out often, it was a modern era now and they watched TV. Reality shows were their favorite and they were thus familiar with Lin Che too.

Seeing that she was here, they immediately surrounded her and crowded outside excitedly.

Lin Che was not a proud person. It was just that her body really could not suffer any mishap. Thus, she did not get too close to them. The teachers made the excited students step backward so that Lin Che could have some space.

The teachers often heard that celebrities donated to schools, but it was too bad that their school was not lucky enough. Little did they expect a huge celebrity to come here today to make a donation. Fake or not, they thought it was still a good thing that they could catch a glimpse of a celebrity.

Some even said that this was an act. The money would be taken back.

However, some also said that the principal said it was real. They already contacted contractors to build the school. It was not just donating money. It was spending money to build new classrooms and facilities. They were even going to install air conditioners and find better teachers to conduct classes.

1Gu Jingze was more meticulous. He thought that money that was simply donated might not be used as intended. It was better to materialize objects that could be seen and felt. One would also know how much it would cost. With the practical use of money, the students can also truly benefit from it.

The students have never seen such a good looking person in real life. They thought that people would look different in real life as compared to on TV. Many netizens also said that many celebrities looked ugly in real life. However, Lin Che looked really good in real life. She was especially stunning.

Lin Che did not hang around for long. She greeted everyone and then let them go back to class.

Gu Jingze tugged Lin Che and said, "Come on, lets take a walk over there."

Lin Che turned behind to look at Su Cen.

Su Cen, of course, did not mind. She looked at them and quickly said, "Okay, go ahead. Ill be here walking around."

Su Cen liked seeing how inseparable the two are. It was so cloyingly sweet.

They looked thrilled.

To see her daughter so happy, she was also pleased from the bottom of her heart.

Lin Che followed Gu Jingze and went behind.

The weather was excellent. There were no dark clouds and the air was clear. The sky was blue and grass an emerald green. She could hear the soft trickling of the stream nearby. Lin Che walked as Gu Jingze carefully held her hand.

She said, "This place is beautiful."

Gu Jingze said, "If youd like, we can keep Grannys house so that you can come and stay whenever you want. You can even come to visit Granny when you feel like it."

"Ah Can we? Wouldnt the house go to waste?

If nobody lives in it, the house will rot easily."

Gu Jingze said, "Ill get people to take care of the house."

"What? Thats going to cost a lot."

"Keeping a memory is more important than anything else." He smiled as he held her hand and walked.

Lin Che thought that they could come and stay here when they got old together.

Thinking about it, it was really a pleasant thing.

Once you met the right person, it meant that you would probably not get sick of the person in this lifetime and would want to continue being with him in the next life. However, she was worried that she would not meet him in her future life. Thus, she already began to dread her next life

After staying here for a few days, Lin Che and Gu Jingze were finally ready to go back.

Su Cen also wanted to return to M Nation.

She took Gu Jingzes car and drove a few hours to the airport. Then, she took the Gu familys plane home.

Gu Jingze held Lin Che. Before they took off, he received a call from home saying that the old man was critically ill

Gu Jingze answered and heard the words from the other side. His expression immediately turned grave.

"Really? I understand. Ill be right there."

Lin Che noticed that Gu Jingze looked as if he was weighed down by a thousand pieces of gold. She was taken aback as she asked him, "Whats wrong?"

Gu Jingze hung up and looked ahead. "Grandfather is in critical condition."

"What?" Lin Ches heart also stopped for a second.

Lin Che asked in shock, "Is it very serious?"

Although she didnt have the same respect towards Gu Xiande as she did in the past, she was afraid of the chaos that would ensue if anything were to happen to the old man.

And she really did not want any trouble right now.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. "Its not certain. This isnt the first time Grandfather has been critically ill. He suddenly fell critically ill the last time, but the doctor saved him. He did an operation that held him up for a while. But his body is not as strong anymore."

Lin Che sighed. "Alright. I hope nothing else happens."

Gu Jingze said, "I also wish nothing with happen to him now."

He put an arm around Lin Che and hugged her. He said, "I still want to spend a lot of time with you now. I want to be with Niannian and our child in your belly. If Grandfather really cant hold on this time, I have to be busy for a while."

Lin Che nodded.

Gu Jingze said, "Well head to the Gu house first."

"Is Grandpa there? Shouldnt he be in the hospital if hes in critical condition?"

"This kind of news should not get out. For Grandfathers condition, we already prepared a room specifically for his recuperation. Theyve already sent a plane to bring in a doctor from overseas."

Lin Che nodded. Hearing this made her feel a little messed up too.

She only thought that the older one got, the more one had to accept that all kinds of people one knew would leave one day.

There were good ones, bad ones, close ones, and hated ones, but this kind of feeling would still make one melancholic.

The entire journey was silent as they arrived in B City and headed straight to the Gu house.

The house still looked the same from the outside, as if everything was normal.

However, upon entering the house, it was indeed much more crowded than usual.

As soon as they entered, Mu Wanqing received them.

She was here for Lin Che. She knew that Lin Che would come here and she was pregnant. She was definitely not suited to go inside due to the chaos. Furthermore, there were doctors and nurses around and the old man was in critical condition. Nobody said that it was infectious, but they still wanted to be cautious.


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