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Season 11

Episode 15

(The Matter Was Finally Settled)

When the policemen heard the siren, they were triumphant. Just you wait. Our reinforcements are here!

The person who stepped out of the car was dressed in a suit. He quickly adjusted his clothes and walked into the restaurant with a serious look on his face.

The policemen looked up and realized

The person who arrived was neither the mayor nor the deputy mayor. Instead, it was

Their governor?

They were stunned. Even the governor was involved now?

Or did someone here already knew the governor?

Governor, Governor, these are the troublemakers

One policeman quickly ran to him.

However, the governor did not even look at him. He caught sight of Gu Jingze and bowed as he approached him.

He quickly came to stand in front of Gu Jingze and said respectfully, Mr. Gu. Sorry, Im late.

Everyone was shocked to silence.

Gu Jingze looked at him. Youre not. In fact, youre just in time to see how lively it is here right now. Take a look. Its only a funeral service, and yet so many people are here. I wonder what the old lady would be thinking if she could see so many people getting anxious over her funeral.

The governor could hear the sarcasm from his words and was shaken. He said to Gu Jingze, There is such a bad bully here ransacking a town. Im truly very surprised that nobody told me there was such a thing. Im usually so busy that I neglected such stuff. This is all my fault, Mr. Gu. I hope you can see that I am apologetic. This will definitely never happen again.

Gu Jingze looked outside. This happened to me and since I can handle it, I naturally wont make it a big deal. However, if this happened to any normal person, wouldnt this land have been robbed just like that?

The governors brow twitched and he quickly agreed.

Gu Jingze continued, I have already reported this to the parliament. They will be sending someone here to handle this matter. I hope you dont mind.

He already reported it to the upper levels

However, with the way Gu Jingze was, and the fact that his own brother was the president, reporting to the highest level was also inevitable.

It could only be said that these people were blind to offend Gu Jingze.

Yes, yes, of course, the governor said.

Because although this is a small matter to me, no matter is small to an ordinary person. I believe its only right that the upper levels manage this properly.

Yes, yes, yes, youre right.

The people inside were quiet as they watched the governor humble himself as if he was a subordinate being reprimanded. They lost their anger and felt like deflated balloons, unable to stand on their own anymore.

The governor turned around and looked at the few policemen standing there.

Go back, all of you. At the same time, arrest all the troublemakers involved. I am setting up a task force now to investigate the property case.

After all, he was not an ordinary person if he could be a governor. He had his abilities. However, it was like this in this circle. When there were too many things to handle, they had to be distributed to others to handle and a single person could not manage so many things. Sometimes, one had to turn a blind eye towards matters deemed unimportant. As long as no major problems cropped up, he would not pry. What he wanted to do the most was to turn the economy up for the better.

Helpless, it was someone asking for trouble this time and he was afraid that it was going to be a huge problem.

Once the parliament was involved, this side was going to be checked thoroughly.

The row of men looked ashen as some were arrested while some were sent back.

On the side, Su Cen watched the whole scene. She stood behind Lin Che and asked her, Jingze was already prepared?

Lin Che nodded. Yes. He said they could rectify the problem at the same time.

No wonder she was so fearless today. It was to weed out these people.

Now, the police, villagers, and the upper management were all involved. It would be impossible for those guys to hide now.

The villagers outside also just started to realize what was going on.

It turned out that the governor was here to personally handle this matter.

That was impressive. The villagers were initially suppressed. Now that the governor was here, their village director had nowhere to hide.

They also understood now why Lin Che dared to hit him. It turned out that she never bothered about how much power these village bullies had.

This time, their village director would have to surrender. He would not dare to be so hard-headed.

Gu Jingze said, Alright. Please tell your guests to continue eating. Well leave the matter as it is. Leave the rest to the upper management.

Lin Che nodded. Who would have thought that Grannys death would result in so much chaos? Seriously

Su Cen said, Well if it means one less bad guy in the village, your granny will surely be happy too.

Lin Che sighed and looked at Su Cen. Mom, it was terrific that you were able to leave here when you were young.

Su Cen laughed. I was just young and indignant. I was unhappy about being bullied here. If I continued staying here, Id probably end up being bullied until Im old like your grandmother. In the end Im also very grateful to Lu Qinyu. He showed me how the world outside was like and he gave me the courage to make a choice. It sounds strange, but many people lack this courage to change their situation, and that is why they continue living ordinary lives. But if youre actually able to get past that youll find theres more than one way to live, right?

Lin Che thought that the Su Cen in that era must have been glorious.

She felt proud to have such a brave mother.

On the other side, the village director was still at home, waiting for updates. Unexpectedly, some people came up to his door.

The village director immediately felt puzzled.

You What are you guys doing?

Your house is being seized for investigation. Youre suspected of violating rules, abusing your authorities, and suppressing the villagers. Come on, come on. Come to the station with us.

What What? I I want to see my brother-in-law. Do you know who he is?!

The village director immediately wanted to make a phone call.

We dont know who your brother-in-law is. You can look for him in prison. Hes probably already waiting for you in there.


He suddenly realized that things were off. What was the meaning of this

It Its Lin Che, isnt it? She Shes just a celebrity. How could she have such authority?!

Ha, youre gravely mistaken. Its not her, its Mr. Gu. You dont even know who you offended and you still have the cheek to look for your brother-in-law.

They immediately apprehended him.

He panicked until he made a decision in the end

He suddenly convulsed and dropped to the ground. As if gone mad, he said, Ah! Ah! Im ill. I want to go to the hospital.


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