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Season 11

Episode 14

( You Guys Offended The Wrong Person)

The villagers also did not think that Lin Che would dare to hit that village director.

The people behind talked among themselves. Some were astonished and did not expect the village director to have a day like this. He deserved it. Justice was served. They also thought that what Lin Che did was right. However, many were also worried that with the village directors viciousness and power, would he seek revenge?

Would Lin Che be able to take it?

Su Cen watched from behind but did not feel worried at all.

The villagers advised Su Cen and said, Never ever fight with him. Your daughter is capable, but so is that guy. You know it too. You know how your family was bullied back in the day.

Su Cen smiled. Its okay. Lin Che can handle it.

She naturally knew of Gu Jingze and Lin Ches status. One measly little village director couldnt do anything to them.

They must have had their own plan for not getting rid of the village director right now. She also did not pry into the matter. She trusted Gu Jingze completely.

Once the village director was gone, the funeral continued.

They watched from the hilltop as the tomb stood tall. For a while, they felt emotional.

At this time, Gu Jingze already came back. He looked at Lin Che, walked towards her, and put an arm around her. He asked, Are you alright?

Lin Che nodded. Theyre already gone. They really came to create trouble today.

Yes, but you made him lose his dignity by bashing him up. Hell definitely try to seek revenge. Although theres no need to be alarmed, we should still be more cautious. Ill get more bodyguards for you.

It started drizzling, adding melancholy to the already-sad day.

As hosts, they had to invite the villagers for a meal after that. Su Cen chatted with the people she knew.

And on the other side.

The village director was hopping mad. He was defeatedly so easily and his old tactics were of no use this time. This Lin Che seemed fearless and arrogant beyond belief.

He thought that it was probably because she was a celebrity. She was not afraid of him because she felt that she had power.

However, so many people saw him run away with his tail between his legs today. Now, it was no longer about the property. He had to take his pride back.

He immediately called his brother-in-law to complain, saying that a celebrity came, beat him up, and even demanded to take the villages land.

At the restaurant, Lin Che sat and ate some food.

Since Granny just passed away, she didnt have much appetite. However, she still had to eat something for the sake of her health and baby.

Outside, the small-town residents already knew that Lin Che was here. They surrounded the restaurant and tried to take pictures with their phones.

The bodyguards at the entrance prohibited them from taking pictures because Gu Jingze was still here. He never allowed anyone to take photos of him.

The outsiders curiously peered in. To them, many have never seen a celebrity in their entire lives. This was their one chance to see how a star looked like in person.

They werent her fans and neither did they genuinely like her, but they still wanted to take some pictures so that they could show off. Now that Lin Che did not allow them to, everyone was unhappy.

Lin Che looked outside and realized that it was really becoming more inconvenient to step out now. People were everywhere. When her belly got bigger in the future, she would probably have to stay at home a lot more.

However, at this moment.

Some people outside pushed the town residents aside and barged into the place.

A few policemen also followed behind. They carried some objects with them, making them look like they were on a proper assignment.

Lin Che immediately stood up. Gu Jingze stood in front of her and asked, What are you doing?

The diners saw the police and were a little worried.

They thought that the village director would not give up. Sure enough, this happened.

The intruders looked around. We suspect that you guys are holding an illegal gathering.

Gu Jingze looked at the intruders and asked, Do you have proof?

What are so many people doing outside? You even brought so many fighters to cause trouble in the village and snatch land that is not yours.

He grunted as he looked at them discriminatingly. He felt that outsiders who created trouble on his turf should be punished.

Leave. Disperse. Everybody disperse now. A few of them who looked like gang leaders began to chase the diners out.

Gu Jingze remained still as he let them continue.

All the bodyguards obeyed Gu Jingzes command. Without any order from Gu Jingze, they also stood still at the sides.

The villagers saw this and thought that he did not dare to make a move because the police were there.

The villagers absolutely did not dare to offend these policemen. Thus, they quickly left.

The policemen walked up and said, Now, we have a complaint against you for causing trouble in the village. Please go back to the station with us.

Lin Che looked at them. Cause trouble? They are clearly the ones causing trouble.

The policeman said, If they were the troublemakers, why was it them and not you who informed the police? You are definitely the troublemakers and that is why you didnt dare to make a police report.

Ha, what kind of twisted logic was this?

It was just like if someone was knocked down and another person went to help them, but a third person said that the person who helped was the one who beat the former down. Otherwise, why would the second person help the first? It was twisted logic.

Lin Che said, They started it first. Im not going back with you. Please also leave. Its my grandmothers funeral today and I do not want to cause any trouble.

The policeman looked at Lin Che, thinking that he really had not met such a bright celebrity. Thus, he wanted to take the opportunity to arrest her.

But before he could touch Lin Che, sharp-eyed Gu Jingze already caught hold of his dirty hand and pressed it.

The policeman yelped as he was hurled to the ground. He looked up and exclaimed, Ouch! Hes assaulting police! He was in such pain that he began shouting.

Gu Jingze then shot his bodyguards a look. They quickly took action and surrounded the gang.

The policemen were starting to panic. What were these people trying to do? Did they dare to touch the police?

Sure enough, Gu Jingze declared that if anybody dared to touch Lin Che, they would lose their lives.

Fine. Do you know who sent us? Do you dare to hit us? You dare to hit the police? I think youre asking for a death wish.

Gu Jingze looked at the guy he threw to the floor. Oh. Tell me, who sent you?

Its a personal order from our deputy mayor, Chen!

Oh, this guy. I do want to meet him.

Gu Jingze asked, Does he report to anyone above him?

Ha, youre absolutely right. Why? Do you want to know? Come to the station with me and youll immediately know what youre up against.

Just then, a siren went off outside.


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