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Season 11

Episode 13

(Just So Brazen)

Looking at Su Cen and her daughter, they truly were impressed.

Sure enough, if one wanted to be successful, one had to be brave enough to leave the village.

Back then, when Su Cen left, many of them thought that she was disobedient by running away. They did not think that anything good would happen to her. Many failed suitors also wondered how Su Cens future partner would be like.

Until now, they did not know what kind of partner Su Cen found, but she looked so elegant now. They knew that he was definitely no ordinary person.

Thus, everyone also forgot about how they used to secretly insult the family. Seeing her return a different person, they were amazed. Leaving the village meant having a better future.

Su Cen smiled as she looked at these villagers. They looked different now and she couldnt recognize them.

She said, Thank you for taking care of my mother all this time.

Its fine, its fine. Your family consists of good people and that is why you have such good fortune now. Your mother is also a good person and that is why she is so lucky. Oh my, Lin Che is so pretty. I heard that youre a celebrity now.

Lin Che smiled and replied, Thank you.

Too many people said the same words that Lin Che was starting to get numb.

Looking at Granny, she thought, This must be life. When you enter the world, its lively. When you leave the world, its lively

However, at this moment

Some sound could be heard from outside.

Everyone heard this and knew that it was the village director.

Lin Che frowned. These people were too much. It was a funeral. Couldnt they give them a break?

She stood there and said angrily, Seriously Mom, wait here.

Su Cen said, Dont go over. You cant in that state. Lets wait and see first.

Lin Che said, Dont worry, Mom. I am protected. He cant touch me.

What a joke. She was surrounded by the Gu familys bodyguards. If these people wanted to lay a finger on her, there was no chance.

The villagers saw this and quickly held Su Cen. They said, Girls should never go head to head with them.

Su Cen said, I know, Aunty. Its just that they are too much today. My mother is still lying here and they wont even leave her to be buried in peace.

The villager said quietly, You dont know about this, but he is more powerful than he used to be. I heard that his sister married some big official in the city and he has relatives from the city to the town. Nobody dares to do anything to him. Since ancient times, people have not been fighting with the authorities. Lets keep a distance from him. Some people have tried to oppose him in the past, but they could not win because he has relatives in the law.

Lin Che scoffed and said, This underground snake is impressive.

Hearing her speak so directly, the villagers were frightened, although it was the truth.

You outsiders have no clue. If he hears that, hell kick up a fuss. Do you see? The entire village listens to him and nobody dares to offend him.

Lin Che look at Su Cen, Its fine, Mom. Let me go take a look. He cant hurt me.

Su Cen was still worried, but Lin Che was already patting her hand. She comforted her and then walked out.


Sure enough, several people have already pulled up the curtains at the sides. The village actually prepared things to give the old lady at her funeral.

However, they did not expect Gu Jingze to make the funeral so grand. The hall was decorated and there was even a crystal coffin. The memorial service looked like it was for an official.

This made their funerals look much colder. It was initially designed to look that way. Pulling the blue curtains aside, there were wreaths and black-and-white pictures.

There was even a trumpet band outside.

The village director instructed, Start the music.

The trumpets blasted through the air, annoying people.

Lin Che walked over. Dont push us too far.

Seeing Lin Che come out alone, the gang was empowered. The village director said, Didnt you bring a man with you? Let the man handle it. You can step aside.

Lin Che said, My man doesnt need to deal with such trivial matters.

It would be a waste to let Gu Jingze deal with these little goons.

She couldnt bear to let Gu Jingze come here.

The village director looked at her and stood straight with a slight belly. He laughed mockingly. Lin Che, dont think that I wont do anything to you just because youre a celebrity. Hmph. I believe youre educated and you know the laws. The old lady is a member of the village and we have a duty to hold her funeral. You guys are in such a hurry to do it as if you are really her family. Even if you do this, the house wont be yours.

The trumpets continued and Lin Che hated it.

She hated them more for coming here and disturbing Grannys funeral.

She narrowed her eyes and looked around. She instructed her people behind, I dont want to hear such noise.

This was enough to send the bodyguards marching forward.

The village director watched, wondering what they were going to do.

He rolled up his sleeves and crossed his arms. He said, Ha, so you want to do things the difficult way? Let me tell you that everybody in this village belongs to me. You want to fight, lets fight. You are not going to get off easily.

He motioned for his men behind to come forward.

However, the bodyguards already grabbed the trumpets and threw them to the ground.

The village director laughed, How bold of you.

As he spoke, he instructed his men to attack.

The villagers inside were worried that they were done for.

This Lin Che was still young and rash. How could she get into a fight like this?

Lin Che would surely lose.

Unexpectedly, when the few men moved forward, the village directors hoard of men surrounded them.

It was a pity that the group could not win.

It was a breeze and the village directors men ended up on the ground.

The villagers watched from behind and were astonished.

What kind of people did Lin Che bring?

You have no idea. Those are bodyguards. Any big celebrity would have bodyguards.

Are bodyguards that good?

Of course. She must have spent a ton of money to hire them. Theyre definitely better than us ordinary folks. Were basically playthings to them.

But its no good for Lin Che to offend the director. The director knows people above. The police are going to lock her up.

Sure enough, his defeated men left the director angry.

He pointed at Lin Che. You You dare to hit people? You must be asking for a death wish. Just you wait and see!

Lin Che said, Guys, you missed out one. I dont want to see this person either. Get rid of him.

The bodyguards immediately walked towards the village director.

The arrogance o, the village directors face disappeared. Instead, he was starting to look scared as he retreated. He continued pointing at Lin Che and yelling, You dare to hit me? You can forget about leaving this village, you you

But Lin Che was still so brazen.

The village director saw this and was so frightened that he immediately turned around to run.

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