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Season 11

Episode 10

(These People Came Straight To The House)

Moreover, the household registrar had never been changed in the past. It could be said that nobody knew that Lin Che was the old ladys granddaughter before they met. No one also knew that the old lady had a granddaughter. This meant that the law could not protect their relationship.

The villagers knew that they bought a place for the old lady and built her a house. It was a perfect place and the house was big and beautiful. It was a stark contrast from those ugly houses in the village.

Naturally, Gu Jingze employed people to build that house. The architects were those who designed commercial buildings. The house turned out natural and homely, but also exquisite. The architecture fee alone was enough to shock people. This was a piece of art and those hideous and basic infrastructure were no match.

However, the village committee thought that the house was huge and beautiful. The plot of land was also vast. There were people interested in buying the house and were willing to fork out millions of yuan.

When the village committee heard that, they were only concerned about taking it back when the old lady died.

Thus, they were immediately alarmed when they saw Gu Jingze and Lin Che here to visit the old lady. They quickly came over to take a look.

Because they had grounds on their side. The old lady had full ownership of the house and land while they had no part to play in this. No matter how much Lin Che spent on the old ladys house, it would not go to her.

The village committee knew this, so they dared to act arrogantly now.

They were already prepared even though the old lady was not dead yet.

The village committee members looked at Lin Che. It was really rare for a star like this to come to a small town. None of them saw a celebrity in person before.

Thus, there were many people gathered outside the hospital.

The small town had a few village communities. The old ladys community was not far from the small town. It was only a half-hour drive away and the villagers found the hospital quickly.

The outsiders looked at this situation with curiosity. They thought that there was a commotion at the hospital. However, when they saw the captivating couple in front of their eyes, they didnt think that it looked problematic.

The village committee members saw Lin Che and asked, Who are you? Why did you come running here when the old lady started dying?

Lin Che looked at them and did not know what they were implying.

Me? Im Lin Che. The patient lying inside is my grandmother.

The village committee member burst out laughing. Your grandmother? Weve known her for so many years, but she has never mentioned anything about a granddaughter. Here, you are claiming that youre her granddaughter? We dont believe you.

Exactly. The old lady has been living alone for many years. How could she have a granddaughter? Leave this place now, unless you are trying to disrupt the old ladys recovery.

Thats right. We just heard that the hospital has stopped treatment. Whats going on? Do you want the old lady to die so badly that you stopped treatment? Arent you too ruthless? Why? So that you can get the old ladys property once she dies?

Lin Che sensed that something was off about these people. What do you guys mean? My granny is still alive inside and youre talking as if she is already dead.

It was so apparent that they did not mean well. This made Lin Che extremely furious.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes as he watched. He immediately understood their intention.

He held back Lin Che, who was clearly quite agitated, and he looked at the group. Why? What are you going to do if were here to take the property?

The committee member heard this and crossed his arms. He asked barbarically, What rights do you have? This old lady is one of us. According to the rules, if she has no relatives nor successors, the village will take her possessions. This land will belong to the village and nobody can take it away. You are outsiders and none of you are registered in the household registrar. The property will not go to you. Its useless even if you come all the way here to fight for it.

Upon hearing that, Lin Che also realized what was going on.

Seriously, it was not unheard of for people to fight over the property before a person was dead. She just did not expect to experience this in person now.

Werent these people too arrogant by claiming ownership of the property so openly here?

Lin Che scoffed and said, The land belongs to my granny. Dont you think about taking it back.

Ha. Just because you say that shes your grandmother, it doesnt mean that she is.

Just then, Su Cen also heard the commotion. She rushed out.

She saw so many people outside and was surprised for a second to see the village committee members.

The villagers were stunned to see Su Cen because some of them grew up in the village with Su Cen.

Ever since Su Cen was young, she had always been different. The other kids were dirty, but she always kept herself clean. The other kids were like dirt while she was like a pure flower, untainted by anything.

Everybody thought that she looked more like a city kid than a village kid.

Also, Su Cens beauty was renowned far and wide. Thus, she had many suitors.

People married early in the village. Many became grandparents by the time they were sixty years old. However, Su Cen focused on school. She refused to give up on her education.

Many people asked for her hand in marriage, but she turned them down.

Everybody thought that she was too proud and she preferred to find someone from the city than to marry one of the villagers.

Who would have thought that one day She really would qualify for university, go to B City and never come back.

The villagers who were the same age as her were already grey-haired. However, she only had a few grey strands at her sideburns. Her cheeks were still supple and red and she didnt even seem to have wrinkles.

She was still like the teenage girl she was back then. Her sudden appearance shocked many people.

This Su Cen

Was it possible that she was immortal?

Those who knew Su Cen were shocked to see her.

When Su Cen visited the old lady previously, she kept a very low profile. She practically did not leave the room and never saw these people. Seeing them outside now, she couldnt recognize many of them except the village director. He always bullied their family, so she could still recognize him.

The memories were too deep and impossible to forget.

She looked at them. You What is going on? Why are you all here?

Upon seeing Su Cen, some felt sheepish because she was the old ladys daughter. Everybody knew that.

When it came to successors, she definitely had the rights.

However, Su Cens record stated that she had died a long time ago.

You Who are you? The village director broke the silence as he stepped to the front.


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