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Season 5

Episode 65

(How About You Strangle Me?)

Auntie He’s eyes widened and patted her head, finally getting the meaning. Then, with a curious look on her face, she glanced at Han Zhuoli. “Sir, just hang on a moment, yeah!”

Auntie He left hurriedly. After not long, she came back, holding a box of Okamoto 001 and stuffed it into Han Zhuoli’s hands. “Sir, is this what you wanted to buy? I saw shopping agents recommend this before. It’s super thin. I saw it at the convenience store and remembered that Lu Man was around so I just grabbed two boxes along too.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Although surprised and happy, he also felt embarrassed and awkward, unable to say a word.

With a blank face, Han Zhuoli placed that box of condoms in his pocket, turned around and headed upstairs.

Auntie He and Butler Xiao Wang exchanged glances. He was really going to go out to buy this and at this time?

While Lu Man was still conflicted about what to do, Han Zhuoli returned.

“…” Lu Man asked in surprise, “You’re back so… so fast?”

Placing his hand over his mouth, Han Zhuoli gave a fake cough out. “Auntie He bought this yesterday.”

Seeing Lu Man’s stupefied face, he added, “She bought it yesterday when she was buying clothes for you.”

Lu Man: “…”

Seeing Lu Man in a stupor and so shocked that her eyes were widened and her mouth agape, Han Zhuoli swiftly rushed over and lifted the blanket in a flash, taking advantage of the opportunity. Grinning, he kissed her. “You’re so obedient!”

Lu Man: “…”

She wasn’t being obedient. It was just that she didn’t even have the time to wear anything.

However, very soon, Lu Man didn’t even have the chance to keep thinking.

She grabbed onto Han Zhuoli’s shoulders tightly, her nails digging in uncontrollably, leaving little crescents and nail marks on Han Zhuoli’s shoulder and back.

After a sudden sharp pain, Lu Man felt so much pain that she was about to burst into tears. In Han Zhuoli’s arms, she trembled in pain.

Han Zhuoli froze, afraid to move even a single inch. He hugged onto her, feeling much heartache. Kissing her tears away, he said, “Dearie, it won’t hurt anymore, it’s not pain. There there, it’s not pain.”

At this time, Han Zhuoli used all sorts of names like “Dearie”, “Baby”, “Sweetheart” to call her.

Lu Man seemed so frail and delicate in his arms. Wasn’t she just a sweetheart?

Han Zhuoli hugged onto her carefully as Lu Man buried her face into his shoulder.

He could feel her tears on his shoulder and instantly his heart ached tremendously.

“How about you strangle me?” Han Zhuoli was so anxious and worried. “Strangle me as hard as to how much you’re feeling. I will be in pain together with you.”

Sticking her face on his shoulder, Lu Man shook her head. After some time, she quietly said, sniffling back tears, “It’s alright. It’s not painful anymore.”

“Really?” Han Zhuoli was still rather worried, even though he was already in so much pain holding back.

Lu Man nodded and confirmed. Finally, Han Zhuoli stopped holding back, and completely let himself go.


As if unable to get enough of her, Han Zhuoli held onto Lu Man tightly. If this wasn’t Lu Man’s first time and he was worried for her body, he really wanted to press Lu Man down and go for a second round.

How about going to work?

That was impossible.

If he really could go a few more rounds with Lu Man, it was completely fine not going to work at all today.

Han Zhuoli swept Lu Man’s sweat-drenched hair to both sides and pecked her lips over and over again.

“Don’t go for class today, stay at home and rest,” Han Zhuoli said, feeling bad for her.

Lu Man initially intended to go for class. However, just now she had only moved slightly but her legs started trembling. She was in extreme pain and completely couldn’t walk.

Feeling helpless and sore all over, Lu Man could only nod. “Follow me back to my place tonight. I have to tell my mother that I’ve taken on Ji Cheng’s movie.”

Since Han Zhuoli’s fever was already gone, he naturally couldn’t stay at home and rest any longer. There was still a ton of work waiting for him back at the company.

“Alright, stay here and rest in the night. At night, I’ll come to pick you up after work,” said Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man nodded her head obediently. Seeing her like this, Han Zhuoli was once again unwilling to leave.


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