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Season 5

Episode 64

(I Will Go Buy Them Now)

Angry at his question, Lu Man blinked in disbelief at him. They were already at this stage and now he was seeking her permission?

However, she was honestly rather embarrassed to say it out loud too, and so she could only just wrap her arms around his neck and pulled him down, kissing him on the lips passionately.

If Han Zhuoli still couldn’t get it this time, then he was dumb beyond salvation.

Sensing her approval, Han Zhouli was nervous yet excited. In no time, he deftly threw away his top and pants, trembling with excitement.

Lu Man looked at him and took in a deep breath. Suddenly, she was a little nervous and afraid.

She didn’t think that it would be this… this terrifying!.

Lu Man curled back against herself slightly and Han Zhuoli kissed the corner of her lips lightly. “Don’t be scared.”

“Wait!” Lu Man suddenly held him back.

And just like this, Han Zhuoli was frozen and stuck right in front of a beautiful, desirous angel. Beads of sweat had already started forming on his forehead as he was already holding back his strong hunger of desire.

This girl had been specially sent here just to torture him!

“Pre… protection…” Lu Man’s breathing was uneven. “I’m still in school.”

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli remembered this issue too.

Lu Man had already taken a drop from school and after much effort, she was finally able to go back to school but she was quite elder to all the other students in the class. She couldn’t take a year off again just because she was pregnant. That wouldn’t be fair to her.

Even if they wanted a child, they would still have to wait until she graduated.

Somehow, Han Zhuoli had already thought so far ahead.

But… he didn’t have any with him right now!

Han Zhuoli held back his breath tightly. He had to do this today no matter what.

She was just laying right before him in his arms, tantalizing him with her alluring figure. How he could just let her go like this!

“You wait, I will go buy them now!” Han Zhuoli clenched his jaw and said through gritted teeth.

“Right now?” Lu Man’s mouth fell agape in shock. She was about to ask to call a rain check on this.

Anyway, she wouldn’t run away either. Moreover, she was also willing to do it with him.

Lu Man wasn’t intentionally trying to delay it. However, regarding her studies, she was indeed getting a little older and thus she wanted to finish her education as soon as possible.

After her graduation, if Han Zhuoli wanted a child, she wouldn’t delay it because of her career either and let things go with the flow. If she were to get pregnant, she would gladly have their child.

However, she didn’t expect Han Zhuoli to actually be this anxious!

“It’s only 6 a.m. right now, the supermarket won’t even open yet.” Lu Man reminded.

Could this man have gone crazy out of anxiety?

“It’s ok.” Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth. “There are convenience stores open for 24 hours. Even if it’s at the other end of the city, I will still buy and rush back!”

As soon as he spoke, Han Zhuoli hurriedly put on his clothes. “Wait here for me.”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli dashed to the door but then turned around and ordered, “Don’t you dare put on your clothes! I will be back immediately! We will continue this again!”

Lu Man: “…”

Without waiting for her to say anything, Han Zhuoli had already dashed out.

Lu Man wrapped herself up in the blanket. Her heart was conflicted too.

If she didn’t put on her clothes, it would be like she was eagerly waiting for him to come back.

However, if she put them on, she also couldn’t bear seeing his disappointed face.

However, the fact that Han Zhuoli didn’t keep it ready with him all the time still made her rather happy.

At least that meant that he wasn’t someone who thought of fooling around.

When Han Zhuoli sprinted down the stairs, he coincidentally saw Auntie He preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Butler Xiao Wang was also just busy cleaning tabletops and some decorations in the house.

“Sir, where are you heading this early in the morning?” Butler Xiao Wang asked, finding it strange.

Auntie He overheard and ran out. “Sir, your fever is gone?”

“Yes, it is,” Han Zhuoli said, “I’m going to 7-Eleven.”

This early in the morning?

Even Auntie He found it strange. “What do you need? It’s still so early in the morning. Tell me what it is, I’ll see if we have any of it at home.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

From Han Zhuoli’s slightly strange yet conflicted expression, Butler Xiao Wang seemed to have guessed something.

“Uh.” Butler Xiao Wang coughed, lifting his hand, he clenched into a fist to cover his mouth slightly and whispered to Auntie He, “Auntie He, yesterday when you went to buy some necessities and clothes for Lu Man, did you happen to also buy some erm… rubber?”

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