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Season 5

Episode 63

(Can I?)

After that, Han Zhuoli continued to work while Lu Man continued analyzing acting performances.

After a while, Han Zhuoli was done with his important tasks, Lu Man urged him to rest, refusing to let him continue working anymore.

“I can’t fall asleep alone.” Han Zhuoli closed his laptop and placed it aside. “Sleep with me.”

So, Lu Man took her earphones out, placed her mobile phone by the side of the bed and laid down.

However, her hand was still unconsciously grabbing onto the blanket. She was extremely nervous.

Han Zhuoli turned to his side and faced her. Stretching his long arms, he scooped her into his arms and suddenly kissed her on the forehead. “Try to sleep.”

Lu Man closed her eyes and tried going to sleep. Since Han Zhouli was running a slight fever, his body temperature was slightly higher than usual, making her feel warm. After not long, Lu Man fell into a deep sleep.

However, in the middle of the night, Lu Man still woke up occasionally to check on Han Zhuoli. After making sure he was sleeping well, she felt more at ease.

While he was deeply asleep, she would the thermometer by the side of her pillow and secretly check his temperature.

Just like this, waking up and falling asleep over and over, it was eventually 6 in the morning when Lu Man finally woke up again.

Already a habit, she naturally picked up the thermometer by the side of her pillow and took Han Zhuoli’s temperature. It was already 36.8 degrees Celsius. His temperature had become back to normal.

“You didn’t have a good sleep at all last night, right?” Han Zhuoli suddenly scooped her into his arms.

Lu Man was shocked. “Why are you awake?”

Pondering about his words, Lu Man asked, “Did I wake you up at any point last night?”

“No,” Han Zhuoli said. “It’s just that sometimes I felt you moving while I was asleep.”

He held Lu Man’s hand, the one that was holding onto the thermometer. Pulling it over, he took a look at the thermometer. “My fever is gone.”

“Yeah.” Lu Man also let out a sigh of relief. Nothing made her happier than seeing him get well.

Yet, just as she smiled, Han Zhuoli suddenly flipped her over and pressed her down onto the bed. His strong and big hand held her wrists tightly, pulling them over her head.

“You’ve promised me, once I get better, you will do whatever I want,” Han Zhuoli whispered, his voice low and deep.

During winter, the days were shorter than the nights. Right now, even though it was 6 a.m, it was still dark outside, this kind of weather made people want to just hide in their blankets.

Lu Man was completely trapped under Han Zhuoli. Outside, the sun had yet to rise and in the darkness, it felt even more intimate and as he was whispering sweetly into her ear, his hair tickling her ear.

Lu Man watched Han Zhuoli’s pupils darkened and her breathing became faster. Because of how nervous she was, she couldn’t even breathe smoothly.

Han Zhuoli dipped in his head and kissed her lips fervently. Nervous, Lu Man did not dare to move. As Han Zhuoli kissed her passionately, she was already drowning in his deep kiss.

He let go of her hands and allowing her to wrap them around his neck instead so that she could be active as well.

Han Zhuoli’s long and slender fingers fell onto her shirt collar. Button by button, he started unbuttoning her top.

The slight chill and cool wind that hit her made her shudder slightly.

Right after that, she was hugged tightly by Han Zhuoli. His warmth spread onto her, no longer letting her feel the cold and instead feel as if her body was on fire.

However, Lu Man still couldn’t stop trembling.

Within a blink of an eye, all the buttons of her top were already undone by him. Her beautiful, mesmerizing figure was on full display for him, he just couldn’t be more enticed to take it all in with one glance.

Han Zhuoli shuddered violently and took a deep breath. She was so mesmerizing that he wasn’t willing to blink even for a second. His hands and lips worshipped every inch of her body.

Even after dating her for so long, this was still the first time he saw her behave so shy.

Han Zhuoli’s breaths turned much harsher, and his hot breath blew onto Lu Man’s skin, scalding her greatly.

“Can I?” Han Zhuoli asked hoarsely. Right now, he was already holding back so much that he could barely keep it in.

However, if Lu Man shook her head or said a “no”, he would instantly stop too.


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