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Season 5

Episode 60

(How Heartbreaking!)

“When Lu Qi asked for a pay hike, how did you reply to her?” Lu Man asked Ji Cheng.

“I didn’t promise her anything, and I just told her that I would consider it and reply a few days later.” Actually, Ji Cheng was also holding back. “I just wanted to leave an escape route for myself. When Lu Qi requested to increase her pay, I did not plan on hiring her anymore. Haha, I gave her 500 thousand yuan, she doesn’t find it good enough, right? Then I won’t even give her 50 yuan!”

Actually, Lu Man really did not understand how Lu Qi’s mind worked.

If she was on the top and looked down on 500 thousand yuan, feeling like it was too little for her, then that was one thing.

But right now, her reputation was already horrible, her first priority should be to film more movies and be in the public eye, not letting the audience forget her existence. Her earnings should come secondary.

After all, as a rich second-generation heir, she did not lack money at all. At such a crucial stage of her career, what was the use of being picky with the pay?

However, if Lu Qi really did think like Lu Man, that would mean she was not dumb.

But if she was not dumb, would she still be Lu Qi?

Listening intently, Lu Man nodded and then told Ji Cheng, “Then that’s easy to settle. Since you haven’t contacted her for a few days, Lu Qi will definitely be anxious. If she doesn’t contact you, just ignore her. But if she contacts you, you don’t need to say that you’ve found someone else, just tell her that you agree to the pay hike and you are currently getting people to redo the contract, and have her wait for a few more days. When you say this to her, remember that you must sound helpless, and grit your teeth as if you have no choice but to agree, and make it very clear to her that if it was not for the fact that you are rushing to start filming, and have no time at all, you would definitely not have agreed to her demands. The more you do this, the more she’ll believe you, and the more she’ll gloat inwardly. Usually, when people feel happy about getting their way, they will do dumb things easily.”

Ji Cheng: “…”

Sun Yiwu: “…”

The sum of their ages added was more than four times of Lu Man’s, yet when it came to causing trouble for people without making noise, they could not compare to this little girl.

“Alright, I’ll do what you said!” Ji Cheng rubbed his fist to his palm, preparing to trap Lu Qi.

“But this thing can’t be kept from Lu Qi forever, she’ll know about it eventually, but even if she knows, it won’t be a problem. As long as she dares to make trouble, I can make her reputation even worse. Since a day before joining the production group, she dares to demand a raise, naturally, other directors would not dare to cast her too. But the best thing to make her feel worse would be letting the movie results hit her in the face. Lu Qi’s most regretful moment would be when the movie premieres.”

Ji Cheng excitedly said: “Lu Man, you have so much confidence in my movie?”

“No, I have confidence in my publicity skills,” Lu Man sent a smiling smug emoji.

After all, in her past life, she had never heard about a movie called “Red Tiger”.

In her past life, it probably failed.

Even Sun Yiwu’s Greedy Wolf Operation , had an average box office collection, the same as Sun Yiwu expected, around 1.4 to 1.5 billion. In her past life, it did not manage to reach the 3 billion mark and it also did not become a local blockbuster movie.

Ji Cheng: “…”

How heartbreaking!

Lu Man’s reaction caused Sun Yiwu to break out in mock laughter.

“Ji Cheng, ah, just leave this thing to Lu Man.” Sun Yiwu sent a wildly laughing expression. “Having Lu Man act as the main lead in your movie, you have already earned a lot! From the main lead to publicity and PR, she’ll solve everything for you, and she can even help you get your revenge on Lu Qi.”

After Ji Cheng giving a thought to what Sun Yiwu said, he found it to be really like that.

While Ji Cheng was working with Lu Man to ruin Lu Qi completely, yet Lu Qi was unaware of the disaster that would befall her and was happily waiting at home for her pay, living in her dreams.

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  1. Lu man try to leave lu qui alone u always trying to make trouble for her and borrowing other people's case is making you look bad wait until she attack you before scheming against her



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