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Season 5

Episode 57

(The Legendary Bringing Investment Into The Production Group)

She did not want Han Zhuoli to lose out because of her.

Moreover, it was the first time Ji Cheng directing a film and he could not compare to Sun Yiwu.

Back then, at first Sun Yiwu had only dared to say that his ticket sales would reach 1.5 billion, but right now, Han Zhuoli immediately promised Ji Cheng a guaranteed box office investment of 1.5 billion from Han Corporation.

Ji Cheng was even more shocked than Lu Man.

Only because Lu Man was the third lead, Han Zhuoli had given Sun Yiwu 1 billion guaranteed box office investment, had she been the main lead, it would not have been just 1 billion.

Fortunately, Lu Man did not let Han Zhuoli lose out and successfully pulled up the box office sales to 3 billion, earning profit for Han Zhuoli instead.

However, the movie being Sun Yiwu’s movie they were sure that it would be popular with the audience.

But what about Ji Cheng?

It was his first time being a director, and before this, in all the movies he had acted in, he had never been the main lead.

Honestly, he did not have a large fan base, and when he decided to switch to direction from acting, a lot of investors did not think that it was a good idea.

Giving him 1 billion guaranteed box office investment already had a very large risk, not to mention the offer by Han Zhuoli, it was 1.5 billion!

“You don’t dare to take that?” Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows.

“I dare!” Ji Cheng instantly agreed, having excellent artistic talent, he was very brave and would dare to take up every challenge thrown at him. “Young Master Han, don’t worry, I definitely won’t let you make a loss.”

Pleased, Han Zhuoli smiled. “I’m doing this for my girlfriend, as long as you keep her best interests in mind, it’s fine, don’t let anyone bully her.”

“Young Master Han, don’t worry!” Ji Cheng assured Han Zhouli. “Since I’ve promised you, I’ll definitely do it. Once Lu Man joins the production group, I definitely won’t let her feel aggrieved. I am also aware of the Bai Shuangshuang incident, this time, all the actors are my talented, skilled old friends, moreover, besides Lu Man, there aren’t any other female actors with many scenes, the rest all are just calefare, there definitely would be another Bai Shuangshuang incident.”

“Since you are the one saying it, I can trust you.” Otherwise, had Lu Man said this instead, Han Zhuoli would not have agreed so readily.

Ji Cheng was shocked by the sudden favor, he did not think that Han Zhuoli would have faith in him.

After Han Zhuoli finished talking to Ji Cheng, he passed the phone back to Lu Man, and since she did not have much to say, she just said goodbye to Ji Cheng.

After hanging up, Lu Man helped Han Zhuoli to lie down. “Why did you invest 1.5 billion for box office, what if you lose it? Every time, just for me, you invest so much everywhere I go, it makes me a bit embarrassed.”

She had become the legendary golden goose, bringings investment to the production group!

Wait, that was not right, it was bringing investment everywhere!

When she went to the Drama Academy, Han Zhuoli invested in the Drama Academy.

But when she didn’t want to go, Han Zhuoli removed all investments.

When she changed to go to the Film Academy, Han Zhuoli started to invest in the Film Academy.

Wherever she went, Han Zhuoli would invest.

This made her very embarrassed.

“What is there to be embarrassed about?” Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows. “Isn’t what’s mine also yours? If the money I earned isn’t spent on you, who will I spend it on?”

Lu Man started to laugh.

Look at how casually he said it.

When people said that; it was simply buying lipstick for their girlfriend.

But what about him?

He was spending billions!

How could he be like that?

Han Zhuoli smiled and pinched her cheeks lightly. “Anyway, you definitely won’t let me make losses.”

This girl, how could she see him make losses?

“That’s true too,” Lu Man affectionately lay in his embrace and kissed his jaw. “I definitely won’t let you make any loss.”

Scared, Han Zhuoli said, “Stay a bit further away from me, what if I spread my illness to you?”


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