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Season 5

Episode 56

(Cannot Arrange A Kiss Scene)

If they wanted to act in his film, they needed to do their best, putting their heart and soul into the character.

“Since Director Sun has asked for a favor, no matter what, I have to help. Even though I’ve only acted in one of Director Sun’s movies, and just started to learn how to act as I am lacking in many areas, I’ll try my best, please go easy on me.”

“You’re too humble, I saw Greedy Wolf Operation , you acted very well, and compared to Zhang Shuidong, you really didn’t lack much.”

“It’s Ji Cheng?” Han Zhuoli asked from the side.

Lu Man nodded at Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli said, “Let me talk to him.”

Helpless, Lu Man could only tell Ji Cheng, “Director Ji, it’s that… my boyfriend wants to talk to you.”

Ji Cheng was stunned for a bit and tittered. “It’s Young Master Han, right?”

Since Sun Yiwu knew that Ji Cheng was a very serious while filming and had an exceptionally bad temper, not regarding the person’s status while scolding them, he had told Ji Cheng about Lu Man being Han Zhouli’s girlfriend beforehand.

]When Ji Cheng heard that from Sun Yiwu, he was shocked to the core and was speechless for quite a while.

“So, it’s enough that only you know about this. Lu Man did not announce it to everyone, so we shouldn’t go around telling people about it either. I’m just letting you know so that you won’t scold her too much. Don’t be like other people who don’t care about anything when they berate someone, control yourself when it comes to Lu Man.” Director Sun had given him a few instructions.

“F*ck, Lu Man’s backer is too strong, still Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang dared to go against her? No wonder they were ruined so fast.” Ji Cheng was so dumbstruck that he could not even close his mouth.

Sun Yiwu sneered, “As for Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang, although Han Zhuoli’s involvement possibly made it worse, the one who really destroyed them was Lu Man. Let me tell you the truth, when My Greedy Wolf Operation was screened, originally I predicted the ticketing sales would be only 1.5 billion. Even the investors shared the same view and based on our experience we thought that final results would probably be around there, but because of Lu Man’s publicity skills, the gross ticketing sales was 3 billion. This was something I didn’t even dare to imagine before.”

“So, even without Han Zhuoli supporting her, you still need to get along well with Lu Man, it will be beneficial for your movie. After all, this is your first movie, and your future depends on this if you really want to be a director.”

“I understand, really, thank you, Brother Sun,” Ji Cheng was touched, Sun Yiwu’s words were really sincere.

Thus, just now, when Lu Man mentioned her boyfriend, Ji Cheng could instantly guess.

“Yes, it seems you know about it already,” Lu Man said, “Please wait a while.”

After that, she then passed the phone to Han Zhuoli.

“Director Ji, hello.” Han Zhuoli sat up as he greeted Ji Cheng.

“Young Master Han, hello.”

“Man Man told me that she wants to act in your movie, and I support her decision, but I have a request, I hope you can agree to it,” Han Zhuoli said politely.

“Just say it, if I can satisfy your request, I’ll definitely do it,” Ji Cheng assured.

“It’s nothing too over the top.” Han Zhuoli smiled and looked towards Lu Man. “It’s just that you cannot arrange a kiss scene or a bed scene for Lu Man.”

Ji Cheng smiled and agreed right away. “Oh, that’s no problem, originally, there was an unnecessary kiss scene in the script, and I was still discussing with the scriptwriters, but now, I’ll just directly remove it.”

“En, if you can do these, and won’t go back on your words, then Han Corporation will come up with a 1.5 billion guaranteed box office investment for your movie,” Han Zhuoli said bluntly, not at all feeling that he was making a too big promising.

Even Lu Man was left stunned.

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