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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



"Rise and shine sleeping beauty." I heard his voice in my head but I wanted to sleep some more.

"No not yet. Just a sec please." I mumbled with my eyes closed.

"You have to love. We're in Paris okay? " he said and forced my eyes open.

"Really? " I asked like a naive baby and jumped up.

"Welcome to paril my love." He smiled at me and I happily looked out the window.

Can't believe I'm finally in Paris . never in my dreams did I imagined myself in Paris.

"Wow its so beautiful." I said honestly like a 7year old.

"Shall we?" He asked and I nodded before taking his hand. He guided me up and handed me a face mask.

"Being a celebrity means having lots of crazy fan. And I hope you understand that once seen with me will only draw the attention of the whole world to you, are you ready to be a girlfriend and lover to Damian Ray Lords?." He spoke and I smile while stroking my fingers around the mask. It was made with pure gold. 

"I don't care if you're a celebrity and a billionaire. I love the real you. I love the Ray I met not the rich Celebrity who the world knows. I'm ready to do this." I stated and he grinned from ear to ear and gave me a brief kiss.

"I love you okay?" He said happily and woke his mask, I did the same too and together we stepped outta the jet holding being escorted by so many securities.

Walking towards the car Ray seem very happy but soon came to halt when a few paparazzi and some crazy fan of his came running towards us.

Seriously? I'm gonna have to share my lover with this crazy people? 

He signaled his guards and the cleared a path to the limo waiting.

They kept throwing so many questions making me wonder how they knew he would be here.

"Pteew.that was a relief." He breath out and I chuckled softly.

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