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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



"Are you ready babe ?" I asked and she nodded happily before taking my stretched out hand.

"Bye guys!" Her flatmates said simultaneously.

"See you in a week." She brew them a kiss.

"Take good care of her will you?" Madelyn said and I nodded with a smile.

"Trust me girls. Shall we love?" I asked and she smiled while I helped into The limo.


Few minutes later we were flying in one of my private jet. 

Iris seem distance as she held the seat tight and her eyes were shut tightly.

I walked towards her and sat down and entwined our fingers.

"Are you okay love?" I planted a kiss on our entwined fingers and she opened her eyes. She seem paled.

"No am fine just a little sick, I'm scared of heights." She mumbled and I smiled.

"I'm here for you okay? You're safe love." I assured and made her place her head on my chest while I stroke her hair.

Soon she was fast asleep. I planted a kiss on her hair and watch her sleep like a baby.

What are you doing to me baby girl? I can't seem to get enough of you. Want you all to myself without having to share with anyone.

Really hope you love me as much as I do.

I wanna hold hands with you every f*cking day and tell you how much you mean to me.

She looked so insanely beautiful even in her sleep. An idea popped up and I brought out my phone.

I took a picture of her sleeping face and made it my screensaver.

There we go. Swears am so gonna kiss my screen whenever she's not there with me.

I stroke her tenderly and smiled unconsciously.

Maybe I should call her my sleeping beauty.

I covered her properly with a duvet and relaxed back with my eyes closed.

In few hours we gon be in Paris. My birth place. Yeah I grew up in Paris and started my teen life also in Paris.

It was here in Paris I found out mom had a son which no one knew about.

He's mom's first lover's child. Recently I got news that he's now in Vegas.

Well I'm having a hard time finding him or knowing what he looked like.

So much for being the perfect mother ever. Well apparently not . dad and the rest doesn't know about him yet.

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