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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



I picked up the phone and glance at the screen. A smile formed on my lips as I answered the call.

📲 hey baby. Miss me already?" I smirked.

📲 is that the only word? Hell I miss you and wanna wake up every freaking day by your side a happy fulfilled man." He said and my cheeks turned red already.

📲 I also wanna be with you tell me what are you up to?" I slumped on my bed to enjoy my call with Ray.

📲 well you know I got my stuff packed and ready to go but then I thought about you and couldn't surpress the urge to call you. What have you done to me miss Norman?" He asked and I chuckled softly.

📲you look cute when you're being silly." I stated like I could see him right now but it was the truth.

Ray is extremely beautiful, yeah beautiful because I can't use the word handsome. He's way past handsome . freakishly handsome and sexy as hell. I wanted to lick him up.

📲coming from you I'm blushing.have you packed your stuffs?" He asked and I shook my head like he could see me.

📲about to when you called. Let's just keep talking okay?" I played with my fingers and smiled.

📲as you wish my lady."


Finally I'd finished packing up my luggage and went towards the bathroom for a shower. Damn I was exhausted as hell and needed the coolest shower ever.

After showering I walked outta the bathroom in a bathrobe and walked towards the door.

Man am hungry. I jogged down the stairs when the most pleasant smell hit my nostril.

"Its about time you Came down. Was gonna come looking for you when you didn't show up." Giselle said and I shrugged..

"Am sorry had to shower first."

"Oh you'd to talk to your Ray." Madeline chirp in and I chuckled .



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