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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



I burst out laughing as I imagined the look on his face right now.

Have also knew that he had a thing for Iris and is hoping Iris was gonna look his way too bad thats never gonna happen.

"Look who's back!!" Iris happily walked into the room holding a tray.

She observed I was laughing and looked me confused.

"Hey baby come seat here." I ignored her looks and made her seat beside me.

"Okay ? So tada!! Lunch is served ,should I feed you?" She smiled and I shook my head like a puppy.

"Say what we leave for Paris tomorrow? " I blurted out..

    Yeah I wanted a private time with my baby girl and I was gonna propose to her too.

"Why the sudden rush dear?" She asked and fed me the nuggets.

"I just want a private time with you Love. I want you away from everything and everyone too and Paris is good place for a wonderful holiday." I suggested.

"Sounds nice dear. I actually think its okay to go on a break away from everything too." 

"Great then I love you." I said with a mouthful and fed her too..

Love is a wonderful feeling especially when you're with the right person..

"You know I love you too." She chuckled and pinched my nose bridge.


Dammit!! Dammit!!! I screamed and toss the files off my desk angrily.

The thought of Ray making out with the woman I love only made my blood boil..

How dare that brat try to take her away from me.

Iris belongs to me and me only. I wish I could strangle the hell outta him.

Its all mom's fault I'm working under my Baby brother. Yeah Ray is my half brother.

Mom had me for her lover before getting to Lords. After mom had kept me a secret from the whole. I spent my childhood in vegas. Thinking of coming to know my families.

Mom didnt wanna blow my cover so she made me work under Ray which I find highly unacceptable but I had no choice.

I had plans which would soon set into action soon.



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