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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



Its funny how I got attracted to her at the first day we met I just couldn't let go of her beautiful face locked up in my head.

She was the most beautiful lady have ever come across.

She caged me in between her legs while roaming her hands around my body.

I bit her lips teasingly and she chuckled softly. Found my way to her pant and moved it aside before sticking two fingers in. She moan quietly with her eyes closed as I gently finger f*ck her. Damn I was gonna explode any minute. My dick was hard as rock.

While thrusting into her with My fingers I used my spare hand to undid my belt and zipper and let it roll down my legs before taking it off. 

Just as I thought my d*ck was hard as rock and was awaiting action .

I rubbed it against her p***y and she shivered as I did that. I groan softly pushing my beast into her tight honey pot.

She held on to me as I trust in and outta her with so much hunger. She had starved me for days , denying me access to her body now am just gonna eat her up.

I smirked at my thoughts and entwined our hands above her head while we maintained our gaze.

Her moans only made things worst I only ended up wanting her more and more as I increased my pace.

"Yeah baby ....thats it." She sounded so sexy saying that.

I let go of her Hand and place my hand around her neck and the look she gave me only drive me nuts.

F*ck!! My girl is freakishly sexy. I made to her like never before. 

"Say my name baby girl. Do I make you feel good darling?" I groan into her ear and she shook her head.. 

"Oh my gush Damian yes you do baby. I want you more." She blurted out and I smirked.

"I want you to you. Come ride for daddy." I turned her over and she was on top of me while I laid back on the bed.

She grinde her *ss against my d*ck making me moan.

"Come on ride that d*ck like a stolen car baby." I said huskily and she trailed her hands around her body while riding my d*ck.

We reached climax together and she fell on me exhausted.

I planted a kiss on her forehead and closed my eyes.

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