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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



My love for her had become so strong that I wasn't gonna let anyone get in between.

I claimed her lips even though she tried to fight back and push me away apparently my grip on her was stronger. I dippened my fingers in her hair while kissing her slowly.

She give in and kiss me back with her hands around my neck. "You're toxic to me and for some reason I like the fact that you are." She mumbled in between the kiss and I grabbed her more tight kissing her like never before.

Her hands found its way to my tux and she took it off my body while kissing.

I nibble with her buttom lip and bit it sexily earning a moan from her.

She played with my buttons and ended up ripping off my shirt aggressively sending the buttons flying out.

Her hands trailed up and down my biceps while still kissing her.

I broke the kiss and stare at her while she tryna catch her breath.

"Forget about everything including my brother and focus on me because I love you." I said sincerely and she tried to blink back her tears.

"You don't understand do you? I can't ever forget about everything your own brother did to me." She sounded so pissed making me wonder if there's more to it than I thought.

"Why do I suddenly feel like there's something you're not telling me." I looked at her with kin eyes.

Kel didn't just wanted her v he did something else.

She covered her face with her palm and cried. Seeing her in the condition only made me angry.

"Thats because there's more to it. Your brother drugged me and tried to force his way in me but luckily I got saved by someone. He wanted to treat me like his prostitute and a low class slut, Yet I still went on and stupidly fell for me. He would hit me whenever he gets the chance to. How do you expect me to feel after all of this.?" She cried more and I lost it.

"How dare he lay his filthy hands on you!!!!" I was filled with rage and tried to get up but she held on to my wrist and looked at me with pleading eyes.

My face soften and I pulled her into a hug. " ssh am sorry okay?? I just wish I'd known all of this and really wish I was there all that time.I love you Iris and not even my *sshole brother can change that." I assured her and pecked her forehead.

This was really low of Kel. I knew he was some day gonna be that stupid son mother was building him to be.

"Am sorry I just can't keep on like this. Am tired of being so inferior to everyone and not able to defend myself I can't keep up anymore." She cried more.

"Hey hey look at me babe am here now. I promise to be the family yo have always wished for just let me in your heart." I stroke her back while she cling more to me.

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