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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

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I searched for her all night but there was no sign of her. God this is terrible than i thought.

Really hope she'd not done something bad to herself i won't be able to forgive myself..

I drove to her apartment , i was told she hasn't returned home yet.

Parked my car somewhere and decided to walk around abit.

"Aissh!!!!!" I screamed in frustration as i wander around like a lost person.

I love her so much and i can't imagine loosing her. Swears i was gonna go Crazy if anything happens.

I felt tears in my eyes as i thought about the kinda danger she might be in.

"Am sorry Iris i couldn't protect you. I failed you terribly." I mumbled to myself as more tears came rushing out.

This was all Kel's fault. If he had not broken Iris she won't have been this bitter.

I resigned to faith and walked back to my car before driving to my mansion.

Needed to clear my thoughts and try not think negatively..

Walking towards the mini bar in the living room and i took two bottles of vodka.

Am sorry Iris i really am please don't go away from me my love ❤

I can't possibly be okay without you. It doesn't matter what kelvin did. All that matters is that am yours truly.


I woke up with a terrible hangover. Thankfully the maid remembered to bring coffee to me.

I drank from my coffee while staring at the garden down below my room.

The gardeners were busy doing their job. Have always loved gardens and would play around the ancestral garden as a little kid.

Was going to show Iris this one and how it meant so much to me.

She was like this garden in my heart i can't do without both.

I heaved a sigh and walked towards the bathroom for my morning business.

Hopefully Iris was gonna show up ,so we could talk.

I really wish we do. Its okay to be angry but she shouldn't push me away.


I sat down impatiently going through the few documents placed on my table while i staring at the door every freaking time hoping she was gonna walk through that door.

I decided to call her office line but didn't get any answers which only means she had not reported to duty.

Making me grow worried. Maybe i should check at her apartment again.

My mind isn't at ease anymore.

I massaged my temple with my eyes closed as i thought about the whole thing.

The door pulled open and kayden walked into my office..

"Here are the documents you'd asked to see earlier." He spoke calmly and i nod.

"Have you heard from Iris ? She hasn't report to work." I asked he grinned getting me pissed but i controlled myself.

"She called me awhile ago , she's not gonna show up. "


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