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⚠{one Night changed everything}⚠

This book is rated. 🔞



After the peaceful date we drove off to my mansion where we gonna spend the rest of the night holding on to each other.

She placed her head on my shoulder all through the ride. Her eyes were slightly close yet i feel like taking her right here in the car.

Soon the car pulled up at my mansion.

"We're here love." I mumbled and she smiled while i helped her outta the car.

The servants bowed to us as we walked into the mansion and find the boys playing video games.

"Hey guys." I announced our arrival and they both turned to our direction but something strange happened.

Kel looked at Iris with a shocked expression while Iris couldn't tear her gaze away.

"What's up guys do you know each other some where ?" I asked confused.

I looked at Bryan who shrugged it was obvious he knew something.

"What is he doing here?" Iris asked her voice was breaking up.

"What are you saying huh? This is my brother Kelvin." I was slowly loosing it.

"Long time no see Iris." Kel mumbled and that's where it stung me.

" no no this can't be true. You bastard how dare you show your face to me!!" Tears rolled down her cheeks and she took her hand away from me.

"Wait!! So it was you ?" I my anger was slowly rising and would loose it any second.

" i shouldn't be here." She ran out in tears.

"Iris wait!!" But she was long gone.

I turned to Kel who was unaffected by any of this only made me more upset.

I did the unexpected and gave him a punch.

"How dare you play with her heart like that!!" I didn't even know what i was thinking at the moment all i wanted was to tear him from limb to limb.

"Chill bro, you gonna kill your flesh and blood for a lady that isn't worth it?" He sounded so pathetic and i wanted to hit him more but i got pulled away by Bryan.

"Both of you calm down and stop acting like animals." He cautioned and i heaved a sigh.

"I love her so much and I'm afraid because of your misdeeds she's not gonna want me anymore." I felt like crying.

"Iris doesn't love you man she just wants your money." He went ahead to say more trash getting more angry , i pulled away from. Bryan and gave him another punch.

"Get your foolish self outta my property." I spat and raced out side.

Iris was long gone.

I took the keys from the driver and drove off to look for her.

She couldn't have gone far.

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