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Season 4

Episode 65

(Andrew order (2)

Andrew kept his smile on his face and gently stroked Joe's hair. "Silly boy, I don't blame you for anything; it's alright, you don't have to take it so hard. I want you to be a sweet and lively boy, and to enjoy every day of your life. No matter what happens, you can always go to your Daddy and he will handle it perfectly well.

He's the head of our Family, and he will always protect you and your mother. It's his duty."

Although he heard Andrew mention about his Mommy and Daddy, Joe didn't turn to look at them. He looked deep into his eyes, and realized that his Grandpa did indeed have total confidence in Jackson.

"I understand, Great-Grandpa," replied Joe. Even if he didn't ask his Mommy and Daddy for confirmation, he believed what Andrew said. Ever since he had first met him, Andrew had treated him very well, and had loved and cared about him very much. Although he didn't fully show it, Joe still appreciated it very much, and even though he didn't entirely trust his Daddy, he still believed what Andrew said to him, that his Daddy would always protect him and his Mommy.

"My dear good boy," affectionately said Andrew.

At that moment, Jackson's phone suddenly started to ring, and he took it out from his pocket to see who the caller was. It was Derek.

Jackson answered him straightaway in front of Andrew, Cherry, and Joe.

"Hi, Derek," said Jackson.

"Jackson, I looked all over the place, but still I couldn't find the butler; I don't know where he is!" hastily said Derek. Jackson could also hear the car honks sounding in the background from the other end of the line.

"I see," simply replied Jackson before he hung up.

When he saw that Jackson had suddenly hung up, Andrew asked concerned, "What happened? Did Derek have something to tell you?"

"It was nothing important. Just some trivial things that I asked him to look into," casually replied Jackson.

"Okay," answered Andrew.

Cherry also didn't look at Jackson at all, and instead kept thinking about what had happened in the cafe that afternoon.

She clearly remembered that Jackson had told her that he would meet with Derek in the morning, but it turned out that the person he had gone to meet with was Sally. Now that Derek had called, Cherry wondered what were they talking about, and what on earth was actually going on.

Andrew glanced at the clock on the wall, and said, "It's already late. Cherry, go upstairs with Joe and sleep, he needs to go to school tomorrow morning."

"Okay," replied Cherry. She then looked at her son, and said, "Joe, how about we go to sleep now?"

"No problem," nodded Joe. He then looked at Andrew, and said, "Great-Grandpa, I'll go upstairs now. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight, my good boy!" happily answered Andrew with his eyes fixed on Joe.

After Cherry and Joe left, Andrew turned to look at Lily, who was still cleaning the dinning room, and said to her, "Lily, you and Bill can also go and rest now."

"Okay, Mr. Andrew," replied Lily politely. She then quickly finished up on her cleaning and left.

Only Andrew and Jackson were left sitting in the living room, and Jackson realized that his Grandpa had to have something to tell him, or he wouldn't have let Lily off-duty so early.

"Jackson," suddenly called Andrew in a low, but somehow a little upset, voice.

"Yes, I'm here Grandpa," politely answered Jackson.

"What the hell happened this afternoon!" harshly asked Andrew with his eyes fixed on Jackson.

Jackson was too afraid to look into Andrew's eyes. He lowered his head and confessed, "I was at the cafe with Sally this afternoon. Cherry and Joe accidentally saw us."

"That's ridiculous!" suddenly roared Andrew. He furiously stared at Jackson, and continued to say, "Why are you still meeting with Sally? Are you going to divorce Cherry and marry that woman now?"

"No, Grandpa, I've never thought about that!" immediately replied Jackson.

Cherry was the only woman in his heart, and he was unable to love anyone else in the world besides her. Even though she had been away for five long years, he had never thought about divorcing her, not even for a second. He could never leave her, because Cherry was his wife, and also the mother of his child.

"Then why did you meet Sally? Don't you know already that she's a complicated, scheming woman?" harshly demanded Andrew. He had known Sally's parents for years, and he knew very well that they had no such things like morals or integrity. Although he wasn't too familiar with their daughter, Sally, he believed that she had inherited some of her parents' character.

"I was tricked by her! I didn't want to meet with her, but she threatened me, so I had no choice but to go to the cafe," said Jackson. He thought that if he had turned her down more firmly and hadn't met with her, maybe everything would have been alright; Cherry and Joe wouldn't have seen them, and Mond wouldn't have had the chance to flatter his wife. What's more, Andrew wouldn't have fainted and been sent to hospital. Everything had started with him meeting Sally at the cafe.

Andrew then furiously stared at Jackson, and ordered him, "You're not allowed to meet Sally ever again!"

"I won't, " replied Jackson. Of course he would have never met with a woman who was more than likely to sabotage his relationship with Cherry, but he wasn't worried about Sally. Jackson was worried about Mond, and what was going between him and Cherry.

When he saw that Jackson was pondering in silence, as if there was something that he didn't want to tell him, Andrew mistakenly thought that he was still thinking about Sally. He soon became irritated again, and said, "If you're not sure on giving up on Sally, then I'll have to take some action."

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