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Season 4

Episode 64

(Andrew order(1)

Cherry said, "Joe, I don't think that you should have said that to your Great-Grandpa. How could you say such a thing to your own family? You're also a Chu, and you can't say that everyone in your family is having an affair! Your Great-Grandpa got very upset when he heard what you said! Do you know that?"
Joe then slowly looked up and fixed his eyes on Cherry. "Sorry, Mommy, I was wrong," he said.

"Now you know that you were wrong?"

When she saw that Joe's anger had started to fade away, Cherry gently said, "Let's go downstairs now and apologize to your Great-Grandpa. You have to remember that you should always apologize when you're wrong. Come on, be a man! You're a brave boy, aren't you?"

"Okay, Mommy, I'll go downstairs with you," said Joe.

"That's my good boy!" said Cherry, as she held her son's hands and walked out of the room with him.

When they were back in the living room, Joe was still tightly holding on his Mother's hands and hiding behind her back. He was still too afraid to look at Andrew straight in the eye.

After he saw Joe, Andrew quickly waved at him and happily cried, "Come on, Joe! Come over here!"

Although Joe heard that his Great-Grandpa was affectionately calling out to him, he was still afraid to approach him, and continued to stay hidden behind his mother's back.

When she saw him, Cherry turned to look at her son, and gently said to him, "Joe, don't you hear that your Great-Grandpa's is calling you? Go to him."

After he heard her, Joe eventually released Cherry's hand and slowly started to walk towards his Great-Grandfather.

Andrew then delightedly held Joe in his arms with a big smile shining on his face.

Immediately after he saw his son's expression, Jackson already guessed what had happened. He stared at Joe, and harshly asked him, "Did you upset your Great-Grandpa?"

Judging from Joe's look, Jackson could clearly see that his son was in a bad mood. He thought that he must have had something to do with Andrew's emergency trip to the hospital, because Andrew must have fainted either because he was shocked or upset by something. Did Joe say anything bad in front of Andrew?

When he saw his father's angry expression, Joe started to feel a little uneasy. If his Daddy was really cheating on his Mommy, then his mother would be the one who got hurt, but even after he had shouted all of those words to his Great-Grandpa, Cherry still gently comforted him and persuaded him to apologize to Andrew. Joe didn't understand why his Daddy, who normally would be the one responsible for all the trouble, now got mad at him.

"Yes, I did! I made Great-Grandpa angry because of you! You cheated on..." but before he could finish his words, Joe was interrupted by Cherry.

"Joe!" cried Cherry, as she stared at her son with a hard look on her face. She then sternly said, "Would you stop it already?"

When he saw that his Mommy had started to get mad too, Joe diligently lowered his head and didn't say another single word.

Jackson then understood what was going on. Joe had told Andrew what had happened at the cafe, and that was the reason why he had fainted and been sent to hospital.

Andrew felt that the atmosphere in the living room was starting to get a little awkward, so he quickly said, "It's fine, everyone, just relax! Can't we say something happy instead, when the whole family is together?"

After that, Andrew turned his head to look at his grandson, and said, "Jackson, you're really overreacting. Why are you mad at Joe? Look at me! I've never been more healthier than I am now! Besides, Joe did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing."

"Grandpa, you've always been protecting him. He's going to be spoiled," said Jackson, and then turned to look at his son with mixed feelings stirring inside of him. Of course that he loved his son, but this time his Grandpa had been sent to the hospital because of him. Because he was both Andrew's grandson and Joe's father, Jackson was very upset about what had happened.

"Every child in my family should always be protected," suddenly said Andrew in a harsh voice.

When he heard that Andrew had suddenly changed his tune, Jackson didn't say a word more. He also didn't dare to look at Cherry, because he still hadn't had the chance to explain what had happened at the cafe to her.

After he saw that Jackson fell silent, Andrew turned to look at Joe, who was sitting right beside him. With a bright smile on his face, he gently asked him, "Joe, tell me, what's wrong? Are you still unhappy?"

"No," calmly answered Joe, and then lowered his head and began to play with his fingers.

Still smiling, Andrew asked, "Joe, do you remember the gift I gave you some time ago? The pendant."

"Yes, I'm wearing it," replied Joe, and then got out the blue pendant he was keeping around his neck.

Andrew took a closer look at the pendant and felt very pleased. He looked as if he hadn't come back home from hospital at all, but instead from an exciting and enjoyable trip.

"Good, very good, ' said Andrew smiling. He then looked straight into Joe's eyes, and told him, "Joe, you have to remember every word that I say. This pendant is a special gift I gave you, and you'll always have to take good care of it, okay?"

"No problem, I'll wear it on me every day!" sweetly replied Joe.

"Good boy! That's my good boy!" said Andrew as he grinned from ear to ear. He then slowly looked up at Cherry, and asked her, "Cherry, are you also wearing the other pendant that I gave you?"

Cherry nodded, and replied, "Yes, Grandpa. I've been keeping it safe all the time."

"Good, good," said Andrew, but somehow it seemed that he was still not relieved. He continued to say, "Cherry, the pendant was a very special gift, so please always take good care of it. Don't take it off or store it with your other jewelry, and if you actually consider me a part of your real family, then you will please do well and wear it every day. I'll feel happy if you do that."

"Okay, I'll wear it every day," replied Cherry. She had no idea why Andrew had attached so much importance to that pendant. Even if they were very special, he had already stressed out his point when he gave the pendants to her and Joe the first time. Why did he have to bring up the topic again?

Feeling very content after he heard her, Andrew then quietly nodded with a big smile on his face.

Joe suddenly looked up at Andrew, and earnestly said, "Great-Grandpa, I'm so sorry for what I said; I was wrong, and I shouldn't have said that."

When they heard that Joe had admitted to his wrong, both Cherry and Jackson turned their heads to look at Joe and Andrew.


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