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Season 9

Episode 99

(Love Is Not about Possessing but Giving Your Blessings 19)

Drinking is inevitable when one negotiates in business. Aside from the fact that consuming too much alcohol is harmful to one’s health, more importantly, it’s particularly unsafe for a girl to do so.

After a moment of thought, Lu Bancheng searched for his secretary’s number in his cell phone and called her. When she answered, she was beside herself that he had called, and he could sense her strong relief over the phone. Without any delay, she began to rattle off and report on work matters.

Lu Bancheng lifted his hand up to his aching brows and rubbed them as he interrupted her. “Help me contact the finance department to prepare some funds for a purchase. I’m going to open a spa for ladies, and I want you to help me search for a good location. I want it as soon as possible…”


After ending the call, Lu Bancheng clicked on his game and sent Xu Wennuan a message over the server.

“You previously mentioned that you’ve set up a company with your ex, so you must have some experience in management. Coincidentally, I have a friend who wants to launch a spa for ladies in Beijing, and he asked me to help him find someone capable of running the place. Do you want to give it a go?”

Afraid that Xu Wennuan would not be interested, he added some information. “The pay is pretty good, and there’s also a bonus. If you manage the place well, you could probably get a six-figure annual bonus.”


Exhausted, Xu Wennuan dragged herself home by 11:00 p.m. After taking a shower, she fell asleep immediately and only saw “Zero’s” message in the morning, when she habitually logged into the game to collect the daily gift bag in the game. The headache from her hangover, though, made her feel immensely unwell.

Honestly speaking, it is so grinding having to do business with clients and entertain them, and all for what? And now here is a great offer presented before me right now…

Xu Wennuan spent the entire morning considering the proposal. She eventually replied, “Zero, I’m willing to give it a try.”


When Xu Wennuan had been managing the spa for 15 months, she had performed an excellent job. The preceding month’s net profit had exceeded the hundreds digit and, to reward her for exceeding expectations, she was officially made a minor shareholder of the spa facility. Xu Wennuan was reviewing the performance report of the facility when she received Qin Zhi’ai’s call.

Being aware of Xu Wennuan’s success and promotion, Qin Zhi’ai immediately addressed her when she answered. “General Manager Xu.”

Xu Wennuan placed the report down and leaned back into her desk chair as she replied, “Ms. Qin, I think that there is a need for me to reconsider if I should cancel the discount that you are entitled to receive on your next visit to our facility.”

“You are so mean!” Qin Zhi’ai feigned anger and made a retort before she beamed and turned to the point of her call. “I wanted to remind a certain busy bee not to forget that it is Little Peanut’s birthday tomorrow!”

“I know. I know. I would never forget our dear little princess’s birthday!” Xu Wennuan’s eyes softened slightly upon the mention of her daughter.

She continued to chat with Qin Zhi’ai for some time before ending the call and continuing to look through the report. Suddenly, after having had the conversation about Little Peanut with Qin Zhi’ai, she was reminded of the child that she had aborted. A hint of forlorn crept into her eyes.


The next morning, Xu Wennuan drove her car straight to Gu Yusheng’s and Qin Zhi’ai’s villa. When she entered the kitchen, Qin Zhi’ai and the little birthday girl, Little Peanut, was giggling away while Qin Jiayan carried her in his arms.

Xu Wennuan walked to the table and placed her bag down before she took a gift out and walked over to Little Peanut. With a smile on her face, she called out to Little Peanut before she looked up and greeted Qin Jiayan, “Jiayan.”


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