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Season 9

Episode 100

(Love Is Not about Possessing but Giving Your Blessings (20)

Little Peanut had the typical Uncle Complex. She gave no reaction when Qin Jiayan spoke to men but, once a pretty woman spoke to him, her face would change. Thus, when she saw Xu Wennuan address him as “Jiayan,” half the smile was wiped off from her face and she said to Xu Wennuan in a baby voice, “It’s Qin Jiayan, not Jiayan!”

Entertained by Little Peanut, Xu Wennuan burst out into laughter and she couldn’t resist herself from teasing her. “Little Peanut, you really do protect your uncle, don’t you?”

Qin Jiayan chuckled along and gently rubbed Little Peanut’s soft, silky hair to placate her displeasure before he greeted Xu Wennuan with a smile. “Sister Nuannuan, how have you been?”

After Little Peanut received a rub on the head from Qin Jiayan, her full smile reappeared on her face once again, but when she saw Qin Jiayan speak to Xu Wennuan, her tiny lips immediately turned into a pout.

“Pretty well…” Xu Wennuan paused for a moment before she went along and asked, “How about you? How’ve you been, Jiayan?”

When Little Peanut saw Xu Wennuan reply to Qin Jiayan, her smile was completely wiped off from her little face. Fuming mad, she glared at Xu Wennuan.

“I’m fine.” Qin Jiayan gave a veiled reply.

“You’re not young anymore. You should find a girlfriend and think about getting married.”

As Little Peanut watched them engaged in conversation, she became increasingly unhappy and her chest heaved unusually hard. Qin Jiayan could not contain himself and laughed. “Sister Nuannuan, you’re just like my sister. Why are you asking me these questions the moment we meet?”

When Little Peanut saw him smile at Xu Wennuan, her dark pupils teared up and she said in her baby voice, “Auntie Nuannuan is the worst!”

“Little Peanut, don’t speak to Auntie Nuannuan like that. Uncle is getting mad here. Hurry and apologize to Auntie Nuannuan.” Qin Jiayan lowered his head and pretended to be displeased as he looked at Little Peanut.

Uncle is actually siding with Auntie Nuannuan?

Little Peanut watched Xu Wennuan with her big teary eyes before she turned to look at Qin Jiayan. In the next second, her lips turned down, and she began to bawl with total disregard for anything else.

“Okay, okay, okay. I’m hateful. I’m the worst.” With indulgence, Xu Wennuan began to appease Little Peanut. “Don’t cry, Little Peanut. I realize my mistake. Look, I even brought you a present…”

Upon hearing the word “present,” Little Peanut, who was bawling hard with her eyes shut, sneakily opened them slightly to peek at what Xu Wennuan was holding. It was her favorite doll.

Little Peanut couldn’t wait to accept the present from Xu Wennuan, but her uncle had yet to placate her. Little Peanut shut her eyes and started to loudly wail again. When Qin Zhi’ai heard the cries, she hurried out from the kitchen and reached out her arms to pick up Little Peanut. “What’s wrong?”

Little Peanut ignored her mother’s arms and instead clutched onto Qin Jiayan’s clothes with her tiny hands as she yanked her head back and continued to feign heart-wrenching tears. Even though no one had explained what had just happened, Qin Zhi’ai already deduced it when she saw Xu Wennuan and Qin Jiayan standing together. “Jiayan, say something to placate her to get her to stop crying.”

“Alright, stop crying…” Qin Jiayan immediately complied but, before he finished, Little Peanut’s cries instantly stopped. With two teary eyes and her tiny, chubby arms stretched out, she took the doll that Xu Wennuan was holding and thanked her in a delicate, sweet tone. “Thank you Auntie Nuannuan.”


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