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Season 10

Episode 9

(His Warmth 9)

When the middle-aged lady heard the commotion, she, too, came out from her room. When she saw Lu Bancheng walk out with an unconscious girl in his arms, she then realized that he was not a bad person and she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Lu Bancheng slipped on his shoes and thanked the lady before he quickly walked to the elevator. Just as he exited the building, the ambulance arrived. He placed Xu Wennuan on the stretcher. After witnessing the medics lift her into the ambulance and drive off, he then got into his own car and jammed on the accelerator to catch up with the ambulance.

Xu Wennuan’s condition was not as bad as expected. On the way to the hospital, the medics conducted a series of testing on her, and by the time they arrived, the hospital sent her straight to a room and started her on an IV drip.

After Lu Bancheng filled out the hospital registration forms, he placed all the documents beside Xu Wennuan’s pillow and stood by her bed. He watched for some time as she slept soundly before he bent over and started to gently tuck her in.

He was unsure whether or not she detected something in her sleep, but her eyelashes fluttered slightly, making him instantly hold his breath. As if someone had jabbed his acupoints, Lu Bancheng remained frozen for quite a long time. When he felt sure that she showed no signs of waking up, he finished tucking in her blanket, quietly backed up a few steps, and then walked out of the room.

Lu Bancheng stood in the hallway and stared at her briefly through the window on the door before he walked to the elevator and pressed the button. When the door opened, he took a step in; however, because his heart was still uneasy, he walked back out of the elevator and headed to the nurses’ station. Calling a young nurse over, he pulled out a wad of cash and passed it over to her before he silently instructed her to take good care of Xu Wennuan. He then left his contact number with the nurse and instructed her to keep him updated about Xu Wennuan’s condition, promising her an even larger sum of money upon Xu Wennuan’s discharge.

The amount of money Lu Bancheng had casually pulled out was more than two months’ worth of her salary, and she gleefully accepted without any hesitation.

Before he left, Lu Bancheng further instructed her to keep quiet about him to Xu Wennuan—to not say anything about him—and he only left in ease when the nurse vowed that she would do so.


Xu Wennuan woke up the next day in the afternoon. A blank sea of white greeted her eyes and, after a moment of daze, she realized that she was in the hospital. The scene of her writhing in agony from her stomachache last night began to play out in her mind.

I was the only one in the apartment. Neither my parents nor Xiao’ai knew that I was ill. Before I blacked out, I’d been texting Zero and hadn’t managed to call 120…

Xu Wennuan’s brows gradually furrowed.

How was I sent to the hospital?

Xu Wennuan slowly frowned and after a moment, as if she recalled something, she took out her phone and entered the game to look through her chat history with Zero.

I actually sent out the text to Zero before I went unconscious…

So it was Zero who sent me to the hospital? But isn’t he in Shanghai? How could he suddenly appear in Beijing?

Xu Wennuan’s frown deepened.

As she was racking her brains to no avail, the young nurse pushed open the door and entered the room. When she saw that Xu Wennuan was awake, she flashed her a smile and said gently, “Ms. Xu, you’re awake!”


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