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Season 10

Episode 24

( I“ve Loved Her for a Longer Time, and More Than You Do (4)

Lu Bancheng’s gesture halted before it could materialize.

After a few seconds, he retracted his hand and stuffed it in his pocket. He stood beside the car with a calm expression for a moment and then glanced at Xu Wennuan through the car window. He saw that she had already settled in and was looking at him curiously, wondering why he had not entered the car. The moment their eyes met, she looked away.

Lu Bancheng’s throat bobbed. He looked away as well and exhaled softly, forcing himself to pretend that he hadn’t noticed how she was being distant and resistant toward him. He calmly lifted his heels and went to the other side of the car. Then, he started the engine and expertly drove toward Lijiang.

Xu Wennuan sat quietly in the backseat the entire way, maintaining her posture of looking out the window. Lu Bancheng glanced at Xu Wennuan through the rearview mirror from time to time, as well, but he never made a sound to disturb her.

The car was cruising down the road at a high speed. Inside, it had grown quiet, and the atmosphere was uncomfortable. To dampen the awkwardness, Lu Bancheng turned on the radio and found a music channel. Soothing sounds quickly filled every corner of the car.

They drove for an hour before pulling into a gas station. Lu Bancheng got out to top off the gas tank. After settling the bill, he emerged from the gas station with a plastic bag in his hand. He returned to the driver’s seat, took out a water bottle, and placed everything else on the empty seat beside Xu Wennuan. “You can eat something if you get bored.”

Xu Wennuan thanked Lu Bancheng and glanced at the plastic bag. It was not sealed so she could clearly see that it was filled with water, fruits, and snacks. Without responding to Xu Wennuan, he fastened his seatbelt and continued the journey.

Not far from the station, it started drizzling, and Lu Bancheng was forced to slow down.


It was still early when Xu Wennuan woke up. She felt drowsy after sitting in the car and suddenly realized that the car had stopped while she had been sleeping.

Xu Wennuan assumed that Lu Bancheng had planned another stop and didn’t pay too much attention to it, but soon she heard Lu Bancheng’s voice and realized that the car had not moved an inch. Thus, she opened her eyes curiously and saw Lu Bancheng pushing open the door and stepping out into the rain. He went to the front of the car, lifted the hood, and looked inside while remaining on the phone.

Then, he returned to the car and again tried to start the engine, but without success. He finally whipped out his phone again and called the car rental company, to whom he reported his situation and location before ending the call. Xu Wennuan, who now understood what was going on, asked, “What’s wrong with the car?”

“Hm.” Lu Bancheng turned around to glance at Xu Wennuan. He explained, “The engine suddenly stopped working. I don’t know what’s wrong, but the car rental company is sending someone over. We might be stuck here for a while.”

Xu Wennuan nodded and hummed softly in response. Once again, they plunged into a quiet and empty setting. Lu Bancheng leaned against the driver’s seat while looking at his phone, whereas Xu Wennuan, who had lost her phone, could only stare blankly through the window. Time passed by slowly, and drowsiness once again enveloped Xu Wennuan.


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