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Season 10

Episode 19

(Let’s Meet (9)

After some time, he bent over to change into his slippers and then took slow steps into the apartment. He had just reached the couch when the doorbell rang behind him.

Lu Bancheng halted his footsteps. He swiveled around, walked back to the door, and opened it without looking through the peephole. Wu Hao was standing there dressed in a black Western suit, and his eyes were brimming with anger as he glared at him. Lu Bancheng frowned slightly and was just about to ask Wu Hao what was going on when the latter suddenly threw a punch at him.

Wu Hao had invested all his strength into that punch. Lu Bancheng’s tall frame staggered back from the impact, and all he felt after that was tingling numbness on his face.

He lifted his hand self-consciously and touched his face. His gaze was a mixture of fury and confusion when he looked at Wu Hao. “Wu Hao, what the fuc—” Before he could finish swearing, Wu Hao suddenly lifted his leg and kicked his abdomen.

Due to his state of intoxication, Lu Bancheng was weak. He staggered a few more steps back but was unable to regain his balance, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Lu Bancheng, I swear I will kill you today!” Wu Hao was like a madman. He showed no intention of stopping and stepped into the apartment. Then, he raised his leg again and delivered another kick to Lu Bancheng’s body. “Are you f*cking crazy? How could you treat Xu Wennuan that way?!”

Lu Bancheng knitted his brows from the pain. Thereafter, he heard Wu Hao’s barrage of filthy words smash down on his head. “You f*cking raped her! How dare you rape her! You made her go through an abortion! I swear I’ll kill you today!”

The anger in Wu Hao’s chest was swelling. In the end, he bent down and started throwing punches all over Lu Bancheng’s body. “Do you know how much damage an abortion can cause to a woman’s body? I was together with her for so many years, but I never dared to touch her…”

When Lu Bancheng heard this, he finally understood where Wu Hao’s anger stemmed from; however, it was also Wu Hao’s last sentence that brought back the anger he felt when he had heard that the former cheated on Xu Wennuan. Lu Bancheng endured through the pain as he flipped Wu Hao over and pinned him to the ground. He raised his fist and punched Wu Hao’s face.

Lu Bancheng had only gotten a few punches when Wu Hao grabbed his elbow, effectively stopping him. The two large men remained entangled on the ground of the apartment, their eyes burning in rage.


Xu Wennuan, who was completely oblivious to the fact that there were two men fighting over her in Beijing, had calmed down completely after telling her entire story. She laid on the bed and was soon asleep. She didn’t wake up until noon the next day.

Having finally faced something she had never dared to before and then narrated it like it had happened to someone else, she felt as though she had been given a new life the moment she woke up. Her heart and body were so relaxed that she felt muddled.

After having lunch in the open-air restaurant of the hotel, Xu Wennuan grabbed her bag and went sightseeing in an ancient town. She walked around all afternoon, and had rarely exercised in the past year, so her body was exhausted by the end of the day.

After returning to the hotel and taking a hot shower, Xu Wennuan realized she had symptoms of altitude sickness. Fortunately, she had prepared an oxygen bottle, and she felt much better after inhaling some, but as her nauseousness lingered, she stayed in her hotel room and played video games.


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