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Season 10

Episode 18

(Let’s Meet (8)

She aborted the child… Not only did Lu Bancheng take advantage of Xu Wennuan, she had to go through an abortion, too. An abortion is extremely damaging to a woman’s body! Lu Bancheng… How dare he treat her like that!

An indescribable anger suddenly enveloped Wu Hao’s heart. His chest started heaving with more intensity. The car had already arrived outside his villa. Despite his driver’s reminder, he showed no signs of wanting to get out of the car. He kept his gaze fixed on the radio as his eyes were glowing like hungry flames.

The driver was just about to call out “Mr. Wu” for the third time when he noticed the frightening expression on Wu Hao’s face. It scared him so much that he instantly shut his mouth. The only sound in the car was Xu Wennuan’s voice on the radio.

“During that period, the stream of unexpected incidents took a huge toll on me. I had nightmares every night, and within a month I lost 15 pounds. I used to love social gatherings, but I developed a fondness for being alone even though I could never put up with the feeling of loneliness. I was constantly in a daze, and I would go into such a subconscious state, as well. One day, when I was crossing the road, I saw a vehicle approaching and I suddenly had the impulse to dash across and be killed in a car accident. That was when I realized that I had become abnormal, so I started seeing a psychologist…”

No wonder I had the feeling that she seemed like a completely different person from when I saw her last summer. If I had known how miserable she was back then, I would not have given in to her wishes and broken up with her. And the reason why she had to endure so much misery afterward is all because of Lu Bancheng!

Wu Hao suddenly yelled, “Hand me the car keys!”

The driver was taken aback by Wu Hao’s abruptness. When he saw that Wu Hao looked as though he were about to blow up, he quickly handed the keys over.

“Get out!” Wu Hao simply said. Then, he opened the door and jumped out of the car. The force he used to slam the door shut was driven by rage. The driver dared not say anything. He scrambled out of the car and stood far away from it. Before he even got the opportunity to bid Wu Hao goodbye, the latter had already settled in the driver’s seat, slammed his foot down on the pedal, and sped off.


Lu Bancheng was in extremely low spirits and found himself unable to concentrate for the entire afternoon after having rejected Xu Wennuan’s in-game request to meet. That night, he attended a charity event, but he drank heavily due to his terrible mood and was drunk by the time he left to go home.

After getting in his car, Lu Bancheng shut his eyes and rested for an hour before he stepped on the accelerator and slowly drove away.

Ever since returning from the United States, he had lived in his other residences and had not returned to the apartment that he shared with Xu Wennuan. Deep down, he was well aware that he didn’t have the courage to go back, because that apartment was full of memories that would overwhelm him the moment he stepped in.

Tonight, however, he relied on the courage that the alcohol had given him to return to that place. He parked his car in the underground parking lot and, after sitting in his vehicle for some time, decided to head upstairs for a look.

When he opened the door, everything was identical to how it had been last year. Someone had even come in and cleaned the apartment regularly, but nothing had changed.

Lu Bancheng stood in the entrance, feeling distracted.

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