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Season 10

Episode 13

(Let’s Meet 3)

Xu Wennuan had been in love with Wu Hao for 10 years, thus their social circle was similar, especially living in the same city. Even when she had broken off contact with him, they still had bumped into each other from time to time over the past year. Ultimately, a lot of emotions and feelings stemmed from those 10 years, and they were not easy to just suddenly cut off.

Back then, when Xu Wennuan had bumped into Wu Hao, while she had appeared to be doing well in front of him, she had always become gloomy after they parted, because it had upset her and made her miss all the good times they had shared. Even until now, she would occasionally recall her past with Wu Hao, but it would be just a mere thought, and her recollections were now occurring less frequently. Unlike the past, it was also less likely to trigger the emotions that laid deep in her heart.

Since the start of the new year, she had become increasingly indifferent to Wu Hao each time she had bumped into him. Today when she saw him, she discovered that she was actually able to watch him chat with Jiang Qianqian with a calm heart. She even smiled when Jiang Qianqian fed him a plum.

But it’s a lie if I said that I felt nothing at all. Ultimately, Jiang Qianqian was the one who snatched Wu Hao away from me.

Xu Wennuan felt a slight ripple at that instant. She quickly but calmly retracted her gaze and lightly pressed the accelerator to move forward slowly in the line of cars. When she got home, her mother had already prepared dinner. Xu Wennuan washed her hands and sat at the dining table.

It had been two years since her marriage with Wu Hao had ended. Her parents were more anxious than her about her marriage, and it was always the highlight of their conversation whenever she returned home for dinner. That day, Mother Xu seemed to be triggered by something and acted unusually domineering.

“Nuannuan, listen to me. For now, your key mission is to find yourself a husband! I didn’t spend a single cent of the allowance you’ve given to me for the past few months. I saved all of it and signed you up with a matchmaking agency yesterday. When you have some time to spare, you need to go to the matchmaking sessions!”

Initially, when Xu Wennuan would hear her parents urging her about marriage, she had tried to explain the situation in a mature way that would alleviate her worries, but this had never worked, so subsequently she decided to feign ignorance. After speaking about marriage for the entire first half of the meal, Mother Xu finally noticed Xu Wennuan’s complete lack of response. She became angry and thoughtlessly said, “Nuannuan, Wu Hao is already preparing for his marriage. Do you have any prospects?”

“Why are you rubbing it in?!” Father Xu nudged Mother Xu’s elbow hard and glared at her sharply.

Mother Xu gaped as if she wanted to defend herself, but she immediately realized how hurtful her words had been so she went silent. Xu Wennuan, however, seemed completely unaffected. Looking up at her mother, she asked as she drank her soup, “How do you know this?”

When she saw that Xu Wennuan was not visibly upset, Mother Xu then replied and said, “I bumped into Wu Hao’s mother when I was playing mahjong this afternoon. She told me that Wu Hao will be getting married in the spring next year. She even asked me when you are getting married. I was so pissed at that moment.”

“I see…” Xu Wennuan responded and did not speak any further.

Who would have thought that the pair of lovebirds who were so deeply in love in their younger days would actually reach this state now whereby they are getting married to one another?

Life is like a play, and it is truly fleeting…

As this thought crossed her mind, Xu Wennuan smiled, and it was at that moment she realized that she was actually able to view her past with Wu Hao as an outsider.


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