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Season 2

Episode 95

(Surprised or shocked)

Autumn flushed immediately at what Charles had said. "I'm going to take a shower,"

She said with her cheeks blushing red, running away from Charles's embrace.

The elders always woke up early. When Autumn got up, Emily was already talking to Gary. She had told Gary many interesting stories from Autumn's childhood. Gary found them quite amusing.

"She is such a quiet girl now. I find it hard to believe that she was a troublemaker as a kid," Gary said, laughing.

"Indeed. She is a quiet girl now. But she used to make a lot of trouble as a kid. Her father had punished her a lot back then," Emily said, smiling. "But she has a kind heart. She has spent a huge amount of money and has even sold her house, to help pay for my treatment. I owe her a lot," Emily continued, looking sad.

"I don't have much time left anyway. She shouldn't have wasted so much money on me," she sighed. "I've brought her so much trouble."

"Grandma..." Autumn interrupted as she didn't want to hear Emily blame herself anymore. "I heard that you told Gary all about my embarrassing moments from childhood," she changed the subject.

"You got me," Emily admitted bluntly. 'Although Autumn always got into trouble as a kid, she was very carefree and cute.

Unlike now, she always keeps her problems to herself and tries to handle everything on her own,' Emily thought, feeling sorry for Autumn.

"Gary, don't believe her," Autumn turned to Gary, after she gave an angry glance to Emily. "I used to be an obedient and polite girl."

"Yes, you were. Even though you almost burned down your teacher's office," Emily said, with a serious look. "Except for that, you were always a good girl."

"Grandma!" Autumn said in a bit of anger, looking embarrassed.

Gary and Emily burst into laughter. Making fun of Autumn seemed to be their choice of entertainment. After having breakfast with Emily, Autumn went to the company. An intense atmosphere had shrouded the company now. Everyone was buried in their work.

During lunch break, Autumn went to an Automobile Sales Service Shop 4S with Isla.

"You always said that you didn't need a car when I asked you to buy one. Why do you suddenly change your mind?" Isla asked curiously.

Autumn was attracted by a commercial van. 'Grandma can lie on the backseat,' she thought. "Now that grandma is living with me, and sometimes I will have to take her to the hospital for checkups. I don't want to bother Charles every time.

The subway is always crowded, and it's inconvenient for grandma to take the subway. If I buy a car, I can drive grandma to the hospital myself," Autumn replied.

"You are too formal with Charles. He is your husband. You don't need to feel guilty for asking his help to take grandma to the hospital," Isla advised. "Besides, look at the car you chose. Why do you want to buy this type in particular?"

"Don't you like it? I think it's good and very practical," Autumn said. "This car has enough internal space. If grandma feels tired, she can lie in the back comfortably," Autumn continued smilingly.

"If that's what you want," Isla responded after a pause.

Autumn decided to buy it and paid the initial down payment.

"Your husband is the CEO of Shining Company. Why don't you just choose to pay for it all in one-go? Did Charles refuse to give you the money to buy a car?" Isla asked in confusion, when she saw Autumn pay the down payment.

"I haven't told him about it yet." "Why didn't you discuss it with him before buying a car?" Isla raised her voice, with her eyes wide open.

"I want to give him a surprise," Autumn answered, looking awkward. In fact, she kept Charles in the dark deliberately. 'If I had told him about this, he would have insisted on paying for the car. But that's not what I want,' she thought to herself. "I think it's going to be more of a shock, rather than a surprise," Isla said.

Isla's words were right. When Charles found out that Autumn had bought a car behind his back, he got angry at her and didn't speak to her.

After accompanying Emily to her room, Autumn decided to apologize to Charles.

She entered their room with a plate of fruit salad, hoping to please Charles with it. However, she couldn't find Charles there. Then, she went straight to the study, and knocked on the door. Soon, Charles's cold voice came from the study, "Come in."

Autumn pushed the door open slowly. "I saw that you didn't eat much during the dinner, so I brought you a plate of fruit salad. Try some," she said, putting the fruit salad on his desk.

"I'm not hungry," Charles responded, with a serious expression on his face. 'Do you think that a plate of fruit salad will please me?' he thought.

"Are you mad at me?" Autumn asked, pulling Charles's sleeves as she stood beside Charles.

"You should know," Charles replied coldly.

"I know that I shouldn't have kept you in the dark about buying the car..." Autumn apologized, lowering her head.

"I know you very well. Although you're apologizing to me, you still think that you did nothing wrong, don't you?" Charles asked angrily.

Autumn stuck out her tongue jestingly, which aptly answered his question. The truth was, she didn't think she had done anything wrong. She didn't tell Charles about this only because she didn't want him to spend more money for her.

When Charles looked at Autumn's expression, he knew that his assumption was right. He knew what Autumn was like, but he still couldn't help but get angry at her.

'Why won't she spend my money? Doesn't she think of me as her husband?' he wondered in anger.

"Come on! Stop being angry," Autumn coaxed in a soft tone. "I bought the car because I don't want to give you any trouble. With this car, it will be more convenient for me to take grandma to the hospital whenever I need to," Autumn explained in a low voice.

However, this infuriated Charles even more.

"Give me any trouble? Why do you always think like that?" Charles asked furiously. "Am I not your husband?"

"Of course you are, " Autumn replied resolutely. "I didn't tell you, because I regard you as my family. I'm trying to save your money. You just handed me a company to run by myself, but I still haven't landed any big contracts yet. I couldn't ask you to buy me a new car."



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