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Season 2

Episode 94

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The next morning, Autumn, with her reddened eyes, went to the hospital to fulfil the formalities required for the discharge. 'Since the hospital can't do anything else to help with grandma's illness, I'd better take her home.'

Meanwhile, when Arthur found out that Emily was going to be discharged, he hurried to meet with Autumn.

"Miss Ye, remember to give me a call if Emily's condition gets worse," he said to Autumn. 'That's the only thing that I can do for her,' he thought.

"I will," Autumn nodded. "Mr Zhao, thank you... for being so concerned about my grandma."

"You're welcome," Arthur replied. 'It's hard to believe that my own granddaughter is standing right in front of me, all grown up, talking to me in such a courteous and orderly manner. I really wish to tell her that I'm her grandfather, but I can't. I am afraid that she might freak out when she finds out about it,' Arthur mused.

On her way to Emily's ward, Autumn met Aron. "Miss Ye, how is Isla doing now? I called her a few times, but she didn't answer my phone. Is she still mad at me?" he asked as he walked up to Autumn.

"I asked you to keep Isla in the dark, but instead you asked her to be Becky's bridesmaid! How could you be so mean to her?" Autumn complained angrily, glaring at Aron.

"I had no choice," Aron replied, looking back at Autumn with shame and embarrassment.

"At that time, I couldn't risk Becky suspecting me, so I had to ask Isla to be her bridesmaid. Later, when I tried to explain this to Isla, she refused to answer my phone. How is she now?"

"She is fine," Autumn sighed. "But this time you really broke her heart. Lately, she's been in low spirits. I wanted to tell her all about your plan, but I think it's better for her to hear this from you."

"I hope that you can find out the evidence that proved Becky hurt your grandmother. In this way, Isla can be proved innocent," Autumn continued.

"Don't worry. I will get everything ready soon." Aron had no intention of meeting Isla before he got rid of Becky.

Soon, Autumn took Emily to Dream Garden. When Emily arrived there, she was astounded. She looked around and felt awkward.

"Autumn, are you living here?" Emily felt happy for Autumn. She noticed that Charles really loved Autumn and had treated her with care and respect. It wasn't until then that she realized Charles was a very rich man.

"Yeah," Autumn replied with a nod. "Grandma, this is your home now."

"No, I can't..." Emily declined immediately, shaking her hand. "I'd better return to my house."

"Just stay here," Autumn insisted, frowning. "Grandma, this is my house now. You've worked so hard to raise me. Now it's my turn to give you back the love and support you had given me in all those years. Charles and I will take care of you now."

"But..." Emily hesitated. She was glad to know that Autumn led a happy and comfortable life. The kind of life most people could only ever hope for, but she didn't want to be a burden on Autumn.

"Autumn, why are you still standing outside the gate?" Charles asked, walking up to Emily. "Grandma, we have prepared a room for you. Please go inside and have a look to see if you are satisfied with it. If not, I will ask the servants to redecorate the room according to your tastes," he told Emily, as he took her by her hand.

"Just think of this place as your own and don't be so formal with me. If you want to eat anything, just tell the servants. I pay their salary so that you can feel free to have them at your service," Charles smiled.

Charles's joke finally broke the ice, as his words amused Emily very much.

"Charles, I know you and Autumn are dutiful children, but I don't want to be a burden on your shoulders," she said, looking at Charles.

"I'm old now. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable living around me," she sighed.

"Grandma, you think too much," Charles continued to persuade her, dragging her inside. "Now you can keep Gary company. Autumn and I need to go to work every day, and my sister doesn't have much time to spend with Gary as well. He usually just stays home alone with no one to talk to.

If you move in, at least you can talk to each other. Please don't refuse our request. You'd be doing me a favor."

"But..." Emily couldn't find any excuses to refuse, after she heard what Charles had said.

"He is right. I always stay at home, alone. Autumn has been married to Charles for quite some time now, but we haven't even had the chance to get to know each other properly yet. At least, now I'll have someone to talk to," Gary broke in.

"Please grandma, just stay here," Autumn said. She was touched by what Charles and Gary had said. Knowing that Emily was in poor health, she couldn't let her stay in the hospital or anywhere else.

'They really consider me as one of their own. Otherwise, they wouldn't have cared so much about my grandmother,' Autumn thought.

If you don't live with us, I won't be able to take care of you at any time. I will always be worried about your condition," she continued. Emily finally gave in to their sincere persuasions and agreed to live there.

Autumn was over the moon with joy. She went to the kitchen to help with serving the dishes. Gary had been expecting Emily to move in, so he asked the servants to prepare a bountiful meal beforehand. Nancy was busy cooking dishes while she complained to Autumn.
Autumn didn't mind her complaints as she was in a good mood.

Emily had spent a long time being locked up indoors by Wendy. After that she spent most of her time in the hospital.

She finally felt at ease and was delighted to be in such a comfortable atmosphere. She ate heartily and even drank a glass of wine after Gary had persuaded her.

When Autumn noticed the bright smile on Emily's face, she finally felt some peace in her heart.

After the dinner, Autumn escorted Emily to her room. Emily's room was on the first floor and it was just newly decorated.

As Emily was too weak to climb up the stairs, Charles had arranged her to live on the first floor. All the furniture and decor in her room were among the best in the country, which showed the importance that Charles had attached to Emily. Autumn was touched by what Charles had done for Emily.

"Thank you!" Autumn said tenderly, as she hugged Charles after they returned to their room.

"You always say, 'Thank you'. We are a family. Why do you act so formally with me?" Charles complained. "If you say it again next time, I will punish you."

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