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Season 2

Episode 93

(Isla resignation)

Hoada Masahiro emailed all of the files to Autumn early the next morning. As soon as she received the email, Autumn studied the files thoroughly and then notified the designers of the company to prepare for a meeting. Suddenly, Paula pushed the door open and put a letter on Autumns desk. "This is my letter of resignation. Sign it please," said Paula in a cold tone.

"You are resigning? Are you sure, you are not kidding?" Autumn asked with great astonishment. She wasn't expecting that Paula would submit her resignation at this time.

"Yes, that is right. I don't want to work here anymore. Do I want to work here as a cleaner my whole life? It is ridiculous, don't you think?" Paula said with a grim smile.

"Don't be so mean, Paula. Well, obviously you have already found another job."

Autumn stared at Paula then signed her resignation letter. "I wish you a brighter future then," said Autumn slowly yet calmly.

"Those are nothing but crocodile tears," replied Paula. Paula snatched her resignation letter from Autumn's hands and then went on, "We have competed for a long time and you may have won this round, so I am going to leave. But don't ever think that this is over. You'd better watch out at every moment, because I am going to reappear sooner or later and defeat you."

Autumn looked sour upon hearing this. "I don't know why you hate me so much. You have always held a grudge on me from the first time you saw me. I have never wanted any rivalry. But I am sincere when I say that I really wish you the best after leaving Cloud Advertising Company," said Autumn.

"I know what kind of person you are. A hypocrite." Paula continued. "I know you want to turn this company round by taking advantage of Mr. Masahiro. But don't get too complacent. I can take this away from you. Just wait and see."

What harsh remarks from Paula! All the employees already know that Hoada Masahiro handed Autumn this new project, but they were not clear about the details. 'But where did Paula get this information?' Autumn wondered.

She was sure that she hadn't divulged any details to others. Then it must be Hoada himself.

Autumn was convinced that Cloud Advertising Company was the only option for Hoada. How naive she was.

But Autumn did not care about that. No matter how many companies Hoada had consulted, Autumn was determined to devote her energy to this project. It's a matter of one's own capability. Whether Paula left or stayed, it made no difference.

She called all of the designers for a meeting. They brainstormed and deliberated the whole afternoon but no resolutions were made. Autumn realized that it was time to end the day. Closing her notebook, she announced, "Let's call it a day. We are going to discuss some more tomorrow if anyone has new ideas."

She paused and then went on, "I am sure you all know that our company is currently at a bottleneck. Now that we have accepted such an important project, we have to put all our energy into finishing it. I can assure you that if we do this successfully, all of you will get a bonus.

I know that you have been working very hard, so you deserve it." said Autumn with a smile.

"Don't worry. We will do our best for the success of this project." Thanks to Autumn, everyone echoed her high spirits.

After the meeting, Autumn went back to her office and looked through the files again. As she got out of her office, she found that the light in Isla's office was still on. Autumn knocked the door and asked, "Isla, you are still here. It is getting dark. Why haven't you gone home?"

"I am reading the papers. I am trying to come up with some ideas." Isla smiled and added, "Autumn, you have to go home. Charles is waiting for you. I will go later. Don't worry."

Autumn frowned and said to her, "Okay. I am going to go home now. Don't stay out too late."

While waiting for a taxi by the roadside, Autumn realized that it was time for her to get her own car. She had been thinking about it for a while now, but she never acted on it.

Autumn decided not to go straight home. Instead she went to the hospital. She had to take care of her grandmother.

When she arrived at the hospital, she didn't expect to see Dr. Zhao there. He had paid her grandmother a visit before.

He happened to be walking out of the room. His eyes sparkled as he saw Autumn. But when he remembered that he had something to discuss with her, he said nothing.

Autumn nodded to him and then went into the ward, "Grandma, do you feel better today?" Putting down her bag, Autumn went to her grandmother.

"Autumn, you are here," replied Emily cheerfully. She felt better today. She was able to sit up and her skin was rosy. She told Autumn that Dr. Zhao had played an important role in her treatment.

"Grandma, you look nice today." Autumn felt good to see her grandma in a better condition. "Dr. Zhao prescribed another medicine for me. I feel better these days," said Emily who gave out a hearty laugh."

"Well, grandma, I have something to ask you. Is his name Arthur?" Autumn hesitated but finally asked. "Such a coincidence isn't it?"

"Yes, his name is Arthur," replied Emily. "How did you know? Is anything wrong with that?" Emily asked.

Autumn became curious about Dr. Zhao.

But she remained calm and replied, "Nothing. Grandma, I am just curious about it. Are you hungry now? I have brought some snacks for you from Yummy Restaurant. I know you like it very much," said Autumn, wearing a big smile.

Emily was like a child who was fond of tasty food. Autumn felt good to see Emily having a good appetite.

"Autumn, you don't have to come here every day. You work really hard and you need a good rest." Though Autumn tried to be energetic, her fatigue was obvious. Emily cared about her so much and she didn't want Autumn to be too exhausted.

"I am fine, grandma. I am not tired. Don't worry about me." Autumn looked at her grandmother and continued, "I will take you home as soon as you get better. And, I will take care of you there too."

Autumn kept Emily accompany until she fell asleep. Walking out of the ward, she happened to see Dr. Zhao again. Though hesitant, Autumn took the initiative to greet him.

"Hello, Dr. Zhao." Autumn went up Arthur. As soon as he saw her, he grinned. "Hello. Everything ok, Miss Ye?"

"I heard that Aron's grandmother had the surgery today. How's she doing?" Autumn asked politely.

"The clot in her brain has been taken out. However, I can't predict when she will wake up." Arthur replied calmly. The clot formed in a very dangerous area of the brain. That was why many doctors dared not perform the operation on her.

"Well, that is fine." Relieved by the news, Autumn continued to ask, "Dr. Zhao, can you tell me my grandmother's situation too? It seems that she is better today. I want to know when I can take her home.
"She..." When it came to Emily, Arthur furrowed his brow. It is already too late to perform an operation on Emily. The only thing he could do now was to help ease her pain.

"Emily is your grandmother, so I have to be frank with you," said Arthur. "Her illness is induced by overwork, so I could only try my best to ease her suffering.

And if you want to take her home, you can do it at any time," added Arthur.

Autumn had already known about her grandmother's condition long ago, but she still had high hopes. Now that Dr. Zhao had said that he could do nothing for her grandma, her hopes were shattered into pieces.

Smiling bitterly, Autumn replied, "I still have to thank you. I will get her out of the hospital and take her home tomorrow."


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