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Season 2

Episode 92

(Encouraging Eric)

Hearing this, Eric was taken by great surprise. When he got over the shock, he asked, "Don't you know that you own that house now?"

"What... are you talking about?" Autumn asked, looking surprised. She had no idea.

"After you returned from Z City, Charles bought that house from me, with a bit of convincing and some pressure. It's your house now. You don't need to be sorry."

Autumn felt more embarrassed. 'This is a house, not a toy. How could I accept it?' she thought to herself.

"Who is this?" Eric asked, as he turned to Hoada Masahiro, evaluating him discreetly.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce him to you. This is my guest, Hoada Masahiro. Hoada Masahiro, this is my husband's friend, Eric." Autumn introduced the two.

When Eric heard that Hoada was Japanese, he showed no surprise. "Nice to meet you! What do you think of the food here? Do you like it?"

"I love the food here," Hoada answered, looking embarrassed. "I just told Miss Ye that this is the most authentic Japanese restaurant I have been to in China."

Eric didn't look too pleased. "Then, sir. Enjoy your meal. It's my treat today," Eric turned to him smiling.

He then told Autumn, "When it's your time to leave, please let me know and I will take you home. It's not good to bother others."

"Well, thank you!" Autumn nodded. She had been worrying about how she could get rid of Hoada after the meal. Now Eric had provided the perfect solution.

When Autumn saw Eric leave, she sat down again. "Mr. Hoada, I'm so sorry. I didn't expect to meet an acquaintance here..."

"It's okay," Hoada Masahiro replied. "Miss Ye... when did you get married?" he inquired, confused.

"Well..." "It has been a while. I'm really sorry not to have invited you to my wedding. My husband and I will treat you to a meal next time," Autumn continued. When she thought of Charles, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

"Well, thank you!" Hoada Masahiro responded, observing Autumn. Hoada wasn't easily discouraged. He thought of another plan to get Autumn.

"Miss Ye, I intend to invite you to come to Japan. I have just been promoted to General Manager in the Asia-Pacific region. I am planning a Chinese-themed event. Our company has selected several planning firms in Japan..."

"But Chinese culture is profound. And because the theme is Chinese culture, I think it's better to find a planning company in China to organize this event.

We have known each other for a long time, and I believe in your capabilities. That's why I convinced my superiors to select a company through a public bidding. I hope that you won't let me down."

"Well..." Autumn said, frowning. 'I want to seize this opportunity. However, I can't go to Japan now. Grandma is still in the hospital,' she thought. "Hoada, may I ask when the bidding starts?" she asked.

"In two months," Hoada replied. "You have two months to prepare for it. I will inform you of the exact date soon. I can also book the ticket for you. Will you participate in the bidding?"

Autumn hadn't scored a big client since Charles appointed her as General Manager. She was eager to show Charles some achievements. "Please send the relevant documents to me," she said with a nod after some hesitation.

"I will," Hoada said with a smile.

Although there was some tension earlier, they both got what they wanted. After the meal, Hoada went to pay the bill. However, Eric refused to take his money. "You are Autumn's friend, so you don't have to pay tonight," Eric insisted.

When Hoada left the restaurant, he approached to Autumn. "Let's go. I will drive you home."

"No, thanks," Autumn declined immediately. She had agreed to Eric's suggestion of taking her home just now because Hoada was present. "The subway station is close by. I will go home by myself."

"I can't let you go home alone," Eric disagreed. "I promised Charles to bring you home. Otherwise he will be mad at me for this."

Before leaving the restaurant, he asked the cashier to take care of the restaurant. "Let's go," he said to Autumn.

Autumn's house wasn't close to the Japanese restaurant. She was never a talkative person but Eric was a chatterbox. On the way, Eric kept talking to Autumn. She was amused by his funny jokes.

"Eric, your girlfriend must be well entertained when she is with you. You are such a talker!" Autumn said. "I am single," Eric admitted.

"You are kidding me," Autumn said in surprise. 'Eric is handsome and has a decent family background. How could such a man not have a girlfriend yet?' Autumn wondered.

"I'm serious," Eric said smiling. "Girls are just trouble. I prefer to be single, so that I can do what I like."

"In fact, Charles didn't want to get married as well. Although he liked Rachel very much, he had never considered marrying her. But now I find that he is happy. Just like he said, he had met the right one." Autumn's cheeks were flushed, filled with happiness.

"If you know any kind-hearted, single girls, don't forget to introduce one to me. I came to the Japanese restaurant, because Charles told me to. I left all my work at the hotel and waited till you were done so I could take you home. Don't forget my kindness, okay?" Eric said playfully.

Autumn suddenly understood why Charles had asked where she was going to dine with her guest.

'Thank God Eric showed up. Otherwise I wouldn't have known how to handle Hoada,' Autumn mused.

When Autumn arrived at their home, the Dream Garden, she saw Charles standing at the gate. 'Eric must have called Charles before leaving the restaurant,' Autumn thought. "Don't dine with some guy who has indecent intentions."

Charles turned to Autumn after Eric drove off.

"Never again..." Autumn murmured. 'Hoada knows that I'm married. There is nothing to worry about,' she told herself.


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