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 😈💋 Devil's 

             (💃She danced for the King💃)
Rated 🔞
                 Episode 9

            Elena's pov

I didn't just know what to say again. 

I was shocked to answer the ridiculous questions he's asking me.  

"Why are you attracted to me?" I threw him a question.

  "I don't know. Maybe I just like being with you. Dancing and shaking that bum bum for me." He spanked my buttocks while I gave him a playful glare.

  I dropped down from him and left the water. My cloth was wet and glued to my body. I sat on a rock. It was windy and I began shivering.

I guess am gonna catch a cold soon. Sooner, King Arthur came out of the water too and came to sit beside me.

"You're shivering. Catching a cold?" He questioned.

"Yeah." I answered and he whistled, clapping his hands together. A guard came immediately.

"Get us two towels in the car." He said to him and the guard left.

HW came back with the two towels and handed it over to us. I covered myself with one while we stood on our feet, going back to the car.

It was a long ride. Arthur had brought me home. Not without kissing him. Am gradually turning to something else to him.

   Nina was cooking dinner already so I had to help. "So you've graduated from dancing to kissing the king. Very soon, you will start......" She cleared her throat and I understood what she meant.

I ignored her and continuing washing the plates. 

"She's not gonna talk. Anyways, am waiting for my grandson soon" She returned to her onions she was cutting before.

  "Nina, I don't have time to talk now. Am stressed out. I don't think I will have appetite to eat dinner." I shook my head.

"Okay. Just tell me the truth. You slept with this king called Arthur." She rolled her eyes.

"Nope, I didn't. You can't expect me to sleep with him like that. Am still scared of sex you know." I replied.

I washed the plates and settled down to cut the pepper. 
"You're still the typical Elena I know. And you won't believe me when I say, am happy to be your friend" She touched my hair and scattered my straight hair.

"Ah! It took long to get this done and you're scattering it. Stop!" I put on an angry frown.

"Sorry" She apologized.

     We cooked dinner and like I had said earlier, I couldn't eat cause I lost appetite already.

   Next day...........

"Elena, wake up now. Wake up." 
I groaned at the person disturbing my precious sleep.

"What?" Trying not to sound rude.

"You're not going to work again?"

"Of course I am. Damn! I forgot." I jumped from the bed as soon as Nina left the room.
I took my bath and wore my blue uniform. A shirt amd a trouseand a silver heels.

No makeup. I grabbed my purse and phone then stormed out of the room.

We had pancakes for break fast and left for work. We got to the hospital very fast. I ran to my office and took the stethoscope.


I'd helped the doctors to check on patients. It was time for lunch. I was pressed and decided to use tge bathroom.

I noticed someone was following me. I shook it off and went ahead. I entered the ladies' toilet.

I released my urine in the WC and wore my under wear before pulling my trouser up.

  The lights went off and someone grabbed me and threw me to the ground. He forcefully spread my legs apart and I knew he was gonna rape me.

Who's he? 

   His body fell hard on my body. The went on and I saw the fat man. 

I pushed him away from me and stood up.
"You won't thank me?" I raised my head to see who it was.


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