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 😈💋 Devil's 

             (💃She danced for the King💃)
Rated 🔞

                 Episode 7 

               Arthur's pov

 I remembered Elena, how she looked so scared and had ran away. I shouldn't have let her come here.

  Now am feeling guilty for bringing her. I'd thought she's brave enough to see this.

   How's that my concern anyway? Why am I so worked up about this? 

The image of her body played in my head. I shook it off. If not for my phone that had rang the other time.

I don't know what would have happened. In the pool.

My hand stretched to the telephone beside me and pressed few numbers before placing it to my head.

"Mike, get me what I want" I commanded in a strict tone.

Am not in a good mood now. Those spies really made my day go bad just right now, thinking of them.

Who the hell sent then to spy here? And even has the audacity to kill two of my guards.

   I won't spare the idiot that sent them when I get hold of the person. 

Few minutes, a girl came, so whorish. She had a mini skirt on. Barely covering her laps. And a top that left most of her breast exposed.

Am sure people must have looked at her when coming in either lustfully or pitifully.

   "My king" She called seductively.

I signalled for her to come in. "Close the door behind you."

"Okay my king." She put on smile, closed the door and cat walked towards me dropping her bag.

She crawled up to me and rubbed my chest, biting her lips seductively, batting her lashes and began removing my cloths.

  "Wow! You got a big rod down there." She squeak as she used her thumb to caress my dick-head.

I groaned in pleasure. My hands grabbed her buttocks and slipped them under her skirt. She jerked up when my two thumbs touched her p*ssy.

  "Hmm......" She bemoaned taking my dick into her warm mouth. She took everything in.

She began to suck slurping my dick and we both moaned while I was rubbing her p*ssy.
She shifted the pant aside and dip two fingers in her.

After much slurping, I cummed into her mouth and she swallowed my semen. Licking her lips like the slut she is.

"Give me your back!" I grunted.

She faced her ass to me. I grabbed it and lifted her skirt up, tore her pant away and inserted my dick in her.

She exclaimed but I wasn't listening to her cries and as I thrust her in the ass.

"Fuck it....yes!" She screamed.

"Call my name" I said fucking her like my life depends on it.

"King Arthur! Hmm....omg!"

"Shit! Fuck me harder!" She moaned, gasping for breath at the same time.

When I felt that we are about to cum, I pull outta her. I made her suck my dick again till my cum eventually spilled into her mouth and she gulped down everything.

"That was good!" She spoke, whispering into my ear and kissed it.

Slutty bitch. I got hold of her breast and squeezed it. 

" want another round?" She pouted her lips to me, wanting to kiss me but I pushed her mouth away. 

She rolled her top up and brought down her bra, her breasts pointed right at me.

This time, I was ready to go another round cause, just seeing those breasts had turned me on.

"Lie down, legs spread." She obeyed and we went the second round.

               Elena's pov

I opened my eyes when I heard a soft voice waking me up.


"Baby, what's wrong with you? Have been calling you for almost two minutes now. Were you with the king in your dream?" She teased.

I rolled my eyes at her, standing up properly on the couch. Argh! I slept on the couch.

"Welcome! When did you come back?" I questioned.

"Not long. How's your encounter with the king? Did you guys do it this time? Did he touch you? Or you just danced for him?" She threw questions at me.

"Nina, just don't talk about that devil right now."I ranted.

Sje gasped. "He did it roughly right? I can help you talk to him to go gentle on you next time." She laughed and nudged me.

"You and sex all the time." I scoffed.

"What's life without sex? I don't know about yours, but as for me, I really do love sex. So much. My future husband must get ready to have it with me. Four times in a day is okay" She cackled.

"Nina?! Omg! You're gonna kill your husband! Well that's yours anyway. You won't believe aha I saw today." I began.

"What?" She curiously asked.

"The king beheaded three people right in front of me. You need to see the way he looked like nothing is wrong in killing. So disgustful" I shook my head.

"Jesus! You saw a headless body?" Nina yelled.

"Calm down! Yes I did. Let's forget it. I don't wanna remember that scene." 

"Okay fine!" We heard a knock.

"Who could be that?" Nina whispered to me.

"I don't know." I shrugged.

I stood up to answer the door and was shocked to see who it was.


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