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 😈💋 Devil's 

             (💃She danced for the King💃)
Rated 🔞
                 Episode 6
             Elena's pov

  He unhooked my bra and I was quick to grab it before it fell off from my chest. I moved away from him.

With one hand holding my bra, I fixed my hand in the bikini's sleeve.

"Remove your bra. I want you to wear that without a bra" He spoke huskily. 

Is he serious right now? I nodded and thank God I was backing him. I threw my bra down and hurriedly wore the bikini.

Thankfully, he helped me zip the cloth up and made me turn to him. I bit my inner cheeks when I noticed my nipples were pointing out through the cloth I was wearing.

 He was staring at my chest and took a step forward. I moved back. He kept moving while I moved backwards.

The devil grinned at me taking a step forward and my next step I was about to take made me fall into the swimming pool. 

I held my breath as I swam up. I rolled my eyes angrily at him when he started laughing.

"You look cute when angry" He laughed again.

  "It not funny. What if I don't know how to swim?" I tried to cool my anger. He did know am gonna fall into the pool.

  "I'd leave you to drown" He shrugged and brought out his phone playing music.

He wants me to dance for him. I now dance for him. I dance for the king. I striptease for the king. Just to entertain him.

I wonder how long am gonna be like this. He sat at the edge of the pool, his legs touching the water and stretched his hand do me to come. 

I obeyed.

My wet bikini made my nipples visible to see. He dropped the phone and joined me in the pool. Holding my waist with one hand and the other caressing my body.

He spun me around making my back face him. He snaked his hand up to my breast and he tweaked my nipple.

"No!" I gasped loudly. I was feeling different. Really different. He rubbed my other breast with his second hand and buried his face on my shoulder.

I was wishing he should stop and also, wishing he shouldn't.

Damn me! What the hell is wrong with me?
I was so thankful to his phone that rang. He groaned and picked it.

"Fuck!" He muttered.

"Am coming right away" He added and turned swiftly to me.

"You're comimg with me." 

"To where?" I tried to ask.

"Somewhere scary!" He grinned.

Hmm. Scary!

He sent some maids to bring us towels. I wore my bra back, not in front of him though. I cleaned my body amd wore my cloth back.

He took my outside and different direction. I saw three men tied up and their face were covered with a sack.

He withdrew the sword from one the guards.
"Who's gonna tell me who sent you?" He growled but they just laughed.

Without thinking twice, he beheaded them.

He just murdered someone? Right in front of my face? I squeezed my face in irritation.

I felt like vomiting seeing blood spilled everywhere. I couldn't take it any longer. I ran to the King's room.

I'd grabbed my purse and ran to the car. I ignited the car engine and drove to the streets.
The bad scene kept replaying in my head. 

Seeing someone beheaded right in front of my face. With my naked eyes, I saw that!

   I hope I will be able to sleep this night. Am gonna have nightmares.

My car screeched to halt as I packed it properly in the garage. Quickly, I was inside the house.

Nina would have been in the hospital by now. I can't go back to work today till tomorrow. And I prayed the king won't ask me to come dance for him again.

I still don't forget his touch on my breasts. His touches drives me crazy. I do feel a tingling sensation in me.

    My phone rang jerking me out of thoughts and I rolled my eyes at the caller. Nina.

Am still angry at what she did. How could she give the king our address.
I know surely he will come to our house. One day he will.

   "Nina." I called after picking the call.

Her giggles could be heard. "How are you Elena? Did you guys do it this time?" 

"Nina, how many times will I tell you to stop being naughty." I groaned.

   "Sorry, but I guess I can't change. So do you guys use the condom? Or use don't so I can start preparing on how to welcome the new coming prince. My godchild." She laughed.

I smiled at her stupidness, shooking my head along.
"I can't have sex with him. You know that. I can't sleep with a womanizer." I cooed.

"Really? Forget about that. Many ladies have been wishing to let him touch them and even sleep with them.  

I don't know why you're still in the virgin association. If I had to chance to be in your shoes, you know what I can do. I would have given it to him." Nina chuckled at her words.

"You know what? Good bye. Too naughty for my liking!" I answered in disgust.

"And too naive for my liking. But I still love you. You know that!" She responded.

"Yeah, love you too girlfriend and bye. Tell Doctor Stephen that I won't be coming today. Probably, tomorrow." I didn't wait for her reply before I hung up and slumped to the couch beside me.

     What the hell is wrong with my life right now?

                  Arthur's pov

  Breathlessly, I gave the guard the sword in my hand stained with blood already. I just beheaded three spies.

I kept asking them who sent them but they won't talk. I don't waste time. You don't tell, you'd get killed.

They are really loyal to their master. I guess someone is preparing to attack my kingdom.
I won't take it slightly with that person!

  I remembered Elena, how she looked so scared and had ran away. I shouldn't have let her come here.


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