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 😈💋 Devil's 

             (💃She danced for the King💃)
Rated 🔞
                 Episode 16

            King Arthur's pov

I woke up rolling from the bed. I wore my flip-flops and marched out of the room.

I walked in the corridor whistling as some maids ran behind me.
"The lady is in the kitchen my lord." One of them said.

"You mean Elena?" My eyes dilated in shock.
Yeah, like I was surprised to hear that 

"Take me to her!" I ordered.

I got to the kitchen and saw her giggling with the maids. 
As soon as they saw me, they ran to do their chores.
"You're supposed to do your job and not talk. Elena to my room!" I snarled.

  "Yes sir!!" They chorused and started their works.

"What the hell are you doing there?" I asked.

"Helping. Am a woman too!" 

"Yeah, I know. Am taking you to somewhere." I said, confidently.



We got into the car and drove to a quiet place. A garden. 
It was a beautiful sight and very lovely. I got down and wanted to open the door for Elena but she beat me to it.

  "You don't have to." She said as she came down from the car.

The breeze blew her long silky hair. 
"Do you have a rubber band?" She inquired, as she packed her hair into her hand, ready to tie it in a ponytail I guess.

  "Nope, I don't. You should leave it like that." 

   "I can't, it disturbing me." She did a scowl.

  "I can help you braid it." I suggested.
"Should I?" 

"Can you? Cause you don't look like someone who can braid a hair." 

"I will take that as a joke." I sniggered.

"Alright then. Help me with it." We both sat on the floor.

I started to arrange her hair in braids.
Soon, I was done and I felt proud of myself.

"Done." I tired not to laugh.

"What did you do?" 

"I braided your hair." I released a shrug.

" you have a mirror?" She looked at me suspiciously.

   "No, I guess you use the side mirror or the one in the car." I pointed to the car parked, not far from us.

  She got up and moved to the car then bent her head to looked at the side mirror.

"I can't see myself." She mumbled and entered car. The back seat.

  She kept touching her hair with that frown on her face.
Finally, she came out.


"Really? Are you supposed to say that to the king?" I pretended to be annoyed.

"Am sorry, my King." She bowed.

"I will take that as a mock!" I smiled slyly.

"I wasn't trying to mock you. Am seriously apologizing." I could see her serious face.

"Okay. Come sit beside me." 

"When are we gonna leave?" She questioned.

  "When I feel like." I told her.

She nodded and sat beside me. 
"What's your favorite color?" 

   "Yellow." She simply answered.

"Will it be nice if we know more about ourselves?" I asked her.

She stared at me for a while and nodded.
"Am Elena."

"I know your name!" I eyed her.

"Am king Arthur. Nice meeting you."

"I know your name!" She repeated my words.

"Best place?" 

"Huh? Best place? Hmm...heaven!" She grinned.

"Oh oh! Never thought of that. I guess mine will be hell." I chuckled.

"Devil." She mumbled.


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