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 😈💋 Devil's 

             (💃She danced for the King💃)
Rated 🔞
                 Episode 14
                Elena's pov

The king was discharged and was taken home.
He sent some guards to accompany me to the house and pack my things with Nina.

Just like I had earlier, Nina will be happy when she hear this and truly she did.

That girl is something else. 

   "Hey! I brought this pant for you. It gonna look damn good when you strip tease for the king." She winked.

"What the........Nina, can you please don't let us talk about this? Please." I begged, and she nodded.


We packed all that are necessary to the royal car waiting for us. The car was ignited and we hit the road.


The car was packed in the garage. I came down with my bag but the maids rushed to me to collect both I and Nina's bag.

   "The king is waiting for you in the dinning hall" They bowed and left with our bags.

They haven't even showed us our room.
I asked the guards where the dinning hall was and I was giving directions.

"This palace is damn big. Oh my God! I can't believe you enter this place almost everyday!" Nina giggled, gawking at the building.

"Tch! I don't know what the king wants me for." I frowned my face.

"Maybe to lap dance him."

"Dummy!" I spat.

Finally, we got to the dinning hall. Gosh! It was thrice bigger than my room.
The door was opened and I saw the king alone in the dining. I guess he's the only one who eats alone.

Maids were running here and there. He smiled at me and urged me to come in. I took my steps slowly to him.

Nina sat opposite me while I sat beside the King. Well, he asked me to.

   "You can enjoy your meals. You must be hungry just like I am." He said and signalled to maids to serve the food.

   I was given rice with beef stew and a red wine. I began eating without anyone telling me to.

Nina and Arthur looked at me but I shrugged.
Seriously, am hungry again.

  "You need to take it easy Elena." Nina tittered.

   "Thanks........" I got interrupted by a ring.

It was the King's phone, ringing. He scowl at the phone and picked it.


"Oh! Bring him here! Did he tell you who sent him?" 

I was just eating though my ears were opened.
Nina used her leg to kick me under the table. I looked up and saw her grinning.

"He's so handsome when he calls." She whispered, using her hand to cover the side of her cheek.

I just shook my head.

"Okay bring him here. He needs to be taught a lesson." King Arthur growled with a furious expression on his face.

   He ended the call and faced us.
"I'd be going now. I need to attend to something important." He scurried off.

Nina rushed to me and giggled. "Tell me we are gonna leave with this king for sometime." She placed her hands on her chest to show she's been drooling on him.

"Don't start!" I warned.

"Am not! Am still expecting my sugar plum to ask me out!" She pouted.

She's talking about Doctor Stephen.

"He will soon."


Nina and I ate our meal. We left the hall to the provided room for the two of us.

    Nina's phone buzzed and she did picked it.
"Stephen!" She beamed.

Oh! Her crush.

  "Really? Am coming." She grabbed her purse.

"Am coming. I need to meet Doctor Stephen." She rushed her words and left.

   Now, am all alone now. No one to talk to.
I decided to sleep.


I woke up cause my phone was ringing. Nina?

"Nina, what's it?" I asked, tiredly.

"Guess what?!" She screamed that almost blocked my ear.

"I can't guess!" I responded.

"Okay. Stephen asked me out. I mean he asked me to be his girlfriend!" She shouted again.

"Wow! Really! Am happy for you baby." I squeaked.

"Now, am waiting for the day your happiness will come too." 

"Don't worry, it gonna come. Where are you? We need to celebrate this." I inquired.

"When am back, we'd celebrate it. Bye. I gotta go." She hung up.

Wow! At last. Am really happy for my best friend.


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