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 😈💋 Devil's 

             (💃She danced for the King💃)
Rated 🔞
                 Episode 13

                   Elena's pov

I shrieked at the sight of blood dripping out of the King's body. I winced at the way he grabbed my wrist.

  We got downstairs. Nina was sitting on one of the couches before she sprang up seeing the ugly sight.

"What the hell happened up there?" She gasped, moving her gaze away from the King's body to me.

"Nina I don't know. I think he was shot. Let's take him to the hospital" I replied worriedly.

  The guard outside was called and was shocked to see his king like that.

  Long story cut short, we took him to the hospital not without bullets flying everywhere before we'd left there.

He got treated while I sat beside him with a frown on my face. He was muttering curses under his breath.

"Do you know something about this? They are trying to take your life......." 

"Just shut up and let me think straight!" He snapped, making flinch and I kept quiet.

"Am sorry for snapping at you." He mumbled the apology.

Wow! He'd apologized?

   "It okay. You just have to be careful." I uttered and he suddenly laughed.

"You should be the one careful now cause they'd be after you now. Seeing us together, they might think you're really close and dearly to me." He responded.

"Really? Does that means am not safe at all?"

 "Yes. You're not. When you get home with Nina, get your things ready with her. You're leaving that house to another." 

"No!" I scoffed.
"Okay, am thinking of getting my own apartment. We can find another house to live in." 

  "Well, you don't need to go get another house. The two of you can come to the palace and stay for sometime." He shrugged and looked away.

I tilted my head. "Live in the palace with you?"
Utterly surprised.

    "Yep, I can see you everyday without coming to your apartment. That felt awkward. You'd be dancing for me." He grinned like someone who just fall in love.

   "Hmm...I will think about that." I breathed out.

Living with him in palace? Who the hell is chasing after the king and wants to get me involved too?

     Oh! It must be one of his councils just like what the armless man had said.

  The king I had promised to avoid, now am gonna see him everyday. I'd be living with him in the palace.

I know Nina will be happy about this. Gosh! Haven't I put myself in trouble?

The king won't let me rest for a bit.
''Strip and dance for me'' He'd say.

   "You don't have to over think that. It your choice. Your life is on the line. Also, this is an opportunity for me." He smirked devilishly.

   I secretly rolled my eyes at him.

                    Unknown's pov 

  "You just shot him once? What the fuck! It just like am wasting my time on you. Just fuck off!" I shouted.

"We are sorry sir, he was with a girl and........"

"Wait! A girl? Doing what?" I asked.

He brought out a camera and showed me the picture of the king kissing the girl.

 The king has decided to look for a bride. The devil is planning to have a bride?

No! I need to take that throne! I really need that throne. Have dreamt of sitting in that beautiful throne. 
Am gonna have it. And I will.

I will rule this kingdom. I must wear that crown.


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