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 😈💋 Devil's 

             (💃She danced for the King💃)
Rated 🔞
                 Episode 12

             Elena's pov

No she poured the beans away.

"You're sleeping with doctor Stephen?" My eyes were dilated in shock.

No maybe I didn't hear that well. I probably didn't.

"Yes. Okay, I like him. But he's yet to ask me out and it really eating me up." She scowl.

"Doctor Stephen?" I said again.

"What's there? It nothing new okay. The condom you asked about in the was I and him who used it. And stop staring at me that way okay? Am not a child. Am twenty-five for goodness sake." 

"I can't believe this. You've been sleeping with him all this while and you couldn't even tell me?" I answered furiously.

"Hey! I thought it wasn't time to tell you. So I kept it to myself." She concluded.

  "So, should I call this, workers with staffs with benefits." I tittered.

  "Yeah, maybe. You should get a boyfriend Elena. You're getting old now." She nudged me.

    "Thanks but am not sure am gonna have a boyfriend yet. I don't wanna be in a relationship." I scoffed.

"Really? Stop being naive Elena. Stop it!" Nina raised his hand.

"Okay. Suit yourself." Just as I was about to move away, another knock from the door came .

"I will go get that!" Nina volunteer.

I heard her scream. I quickly rushed to where she is and saw her on the floor. 
"What happened to you?" I asked, glancing here and there outside the house.

The person must have gone.
"Grandma is died!" She announced.

"Oh my God! Am sorry. You need to take it easy." 

"She's all I have you know that. She is." She cried.

"I know. But you don't have to kill yourself. We will be going there tomorrow. Am sorry once again." I patted her and hugged her.

  Her grandma had been the one taking care of her till she got to this stage but now, she died.
While I, I don't have parents. Not at all. Ever my grandparents too are dead.

I groaned at the door again when I heard a knock but froze when I heard the King's voice.

I swiftly turned to Nina and told her, "Tell the king and not around." I whispered and ran to my room and closed the door.

              King Arthur's pov

   The guard knocked on the door the fifth time and it got opened.

"Nina? Where's Elena?" I asked, peeping.

    "She's not at home now. She went on a date with someone. She's not around right now" She answered.

I tilted my head and saw her gulped. I knew she's lying.
I pushed her away and entered. I looked around with my hands crossed behind my back and looked around.

    I climbed the stairs and opened a door and entered the room. 
I searched the room and saw that she isn't there, I went out. I went to another door and tried to opened it but it was locked.

    "Elena, I know you're there. Come out." I yelled.

I don't know why I keep following her everywhere she goes. Am attracted to her. I think i am.

   "Elena, Am sorry for what I did earlier. Am sorry. The truth is I don't want anyone to touch what's mine. I hate it!" I muttered some curses.

Am not guilty for what I did. He'd deserved it.
And am not sorry. 

"Your apology isn't enough!" I heard her tiny voice from inside.

She opened the door slowly and I entered before she could open it wide. I grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall.

"Why are you avoiding me?" 

"Cause you're a devil." She spat.

I kissed her and told her, " You don't say that to my face again. I know am a devil but you don't have to say that to me!" I half yelled.

Her lips began shivering and they were almost turning me on.
I kissed them again and made her legs wrap me. Those crazy and stupid feeling I do feel has come again.

  I traced my hand on her laps then her breast. 
I groaned when my back was hit with a bullet. I stopped the kiss and dropped Elena down.

My face was on her shoulder and she gasped seeing blood.

"My king!" She shrieked and I managed to pull her out of the room. 
She's not safe anymore.


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