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         Elena's pov

We laughed and talked more about some things and I actually forgot that I was with the kind. King Arthur, he madee feel safe and I felt comfortable with him.

He was actually nice to me all through the talk and it made me felt really good. For once, I forgot about all the terrible things that he has been doing.

For once, I forgot about them and all I can see is someone that makes me happy.

"I think we should be heading over to the palace now, it's getting pretty dark."

I smile at him and he raises his head up to look at the sky before nodding.

"You're right but before we go...."

Before I could think about what he's going to do, he grabs me and pull me closer to himself. Staring at me as if he should just devour me and I gulp in at the dark eyes that was giving me.

I slowly bend my head to avoid his gaze but I feel his fingers under my chin and he uses it to raise my head up.

"Don't ever hide your beautiful face from me again Elena."

He whispers, his breath hit on my face and I gulp in as my whole body vibrates. Oh God! The things that he makes me feel. They confuse me so much sometimes and I have no idea what's always wrong with me.

"My king..."

I whisper and I stare into his eyes and he smiles at me before bending his head and taking my lips I'm his.

I groan as his hands goes to my waist before sliding down my buttocks and he caresses it while I let out a moan and he slid his tongue in my mouth in the process quickly.

I sigh as I wrap my arms around his neck without even realizing what I'm doing and he gently grabs my ass and makes my ass moves around his lap.

I gasp as I feel his hard erection poking into my ass and he grunts into my mouth as if that does something to him.

He sighs before releasing the same action while I groan.

This is getting too far but I can't control myself and I don't understand the things that I'm feeling.

They are so weird and I want them gone, the same time that I don't want them to stop 

I can feel the wetness in my pants and it's all because of him.

He brings his hand up to my chest and squeeze my left breast before bringing it down to my ass again and he makes me move against him again while I let out a moan when I couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh the things that I want to do to you Elena..."

He groans, pulling away from my lips and trailing kisses down my neck while I throw my head back in the air, sensations driving me wild as he continues to guard my hips to move against his erection and at that time, I lost myself in it.

     TBC ♥️.

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