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           ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

      🦋Episode 110.🦋{The Drunk Night Together}.




            ~🥀 TAMARA🥀~

"Bryan, come on ket go of me. We have to get down, it's more than late already and I don't want mom to think that something is happening here even though nothing is."

I groan as I try to peel his hands off me but he wouldn't just leave me the hell alone

Is this what happens after a guy takes your virginity? Does he gets all clingy around you then and refuse to let you go even for a split second because that's exactly what's happening to me right now.

"Then let her come and let her think that something is happening here, infact something night be happening here.".

I notice the way his voice turns deeper and goosebumps rises on my skin as his fingers trails little dowm to my tummy before resting on my hips and he plays with the waistband of his boxer that's still on me thanks to him because he wouldn't allow me to take if off.

"You have no idea how hot you look like this, I'm my boxers... Only mine.."

He whispers against the crook of my neck before his hands shoots out to the front and he palms my breast through the small lining of my shirt, oh fuching God.

Someone remind me later to take a mental note to myself. Bryan is always ready in the morning.

He grips his hands around my waist and pull me back to meet his behind and I can't help but to wince slightly as his thing rubs against my behinds.

Oh God. Last night I wasn't afraid cause I barely am thinking but today, it's just nine in the morning in my parents house with every one of them awake already, downstairs and my husband is behind me trying to make his way into me.

My heart is beating so fast against my chest that it's such a miracle that it hasn't burst out of it by now.

Last night I didn't worry about screaming and moaning because everyone was asleep but now, there are barely meters away from us and there's so guarantee that I'm going to keep my goddamned mouth shut.


I moan amd I still for a moment, holding my breath just like that before attempting to turn around to face him but he isn't having any of those.

"I want you now Mara, I told you didn't I? I wouldn't be able to stop once I start."

Heat creeps up to my cheeks and it suddenly gets hot I'm here. I know that he said that and there's no other doubt that I'm already dripping wet from his words and his dirty tongue but so god help me, my parents are downstairs! With my family and my little sister!

"You don't want this?"

He whispers against my ear and just as I'm about to shake my head, his hand slips inside the boxer that I'm wearing and his finger trails over my sex and I know that there's no escape from me anymore.

Not this time.

    TBC ♥️.


  1. We are till waiting for the next episode oo
    Pls post it already I really missed this story

  2. Please, author post d next episode on time, it is up to 8 days now and u haven't post anything since then



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