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 👩❤️‍👨💍 A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR👩❤️‍👨💍

💍(He doesn't like her)💍

👩❤️‍👨Episode 9👩❤️‍👨

Gray's POV💍

‘Where is Claire??'..Grandma asked as i walked into the mansion..

‘Where's who??'..I asked and then it dawned on me.

Ohh Shit I was supposed to pick Claire up from the hotel...

Clarice and I were having so much fun that i forgot that I have a wife..

‘Grayson where is Claire??'..Grandma for the second time and just at that moment Claire walked in with her eyes somehow red in tears...

‘Ohh look she's here'..I smirked..

‘Good evening Grandma,where's my room please??'..She asked totally ignoring me and I rolled my eyes...

‘Gray's room is on the second floor by your right'..Grandma replied and I almost opened my mouth to say something but kept shut...

She walked away briskly and then Grandma turned over to me with a frown on her face...

‘What did you do to her Grayson??'..


Minutes Later💍
I walked into the room all tired and sleepy ready for a good night rest.Claire had changed already into duck pajamas and I couldn't help but notice the star tattoo behind her ear...

‘Did you have fun with your mistress?'..She asked.

‘I beg your pardon??'..I scoffed..

‘Your mistress how is she?? I don't have any problem with you having an affair outside Grayson'..She replied..

‘Wait are you out of your mind or what?!! Me?? An affair?? Are you mad?!'..i screamed..

‘Good night Gray,see you at the office tomorrow'..She sighed and I climbed on the bed angrily...

‘Wake up Claire!! Tell me the..

‘Rat!!! Rat!! There's a rat on the bed!!'..She screamed leaping away and I jumped up..

‘Where is it!! Kill it!!'..I yelled..

‘Me?? You're the man here aren't you?!"..

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