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 👩❤️‍👨💍 A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR👩❤️‍👨💍

💍(He doesn't like her)💍

👩❤️‍👨Episode 8👩❤️‍👨

Gray's POV💍

‘She said i was crying over spilt milk can you even imagine the audacity?? And this morning she asked me where i was going!!! I am not her baby for crying out loud i don't even like her!!'...I nagged on as Clarice sipped her soda...

‘She's your wife Gray and as the wife of Mr Popular she's gotta be insecure,women swoon around you and you know that so what were you expecting??'..She replied and I rolled my eyes a bit...

‘You should be on my side here cause you're the closest woman I've ever been with ever since college!! Sometimes I feel like i should've married you'..

Clarice and I go way back to college...She was the only girl I never slept with although we had s*x once or twice...

But she was tbe only woman I have respect for till today...

‘I have a boyfriend and you're a married man Gray,besides she's Claire Mclintosh isn't she?? You should be happy cause she's a beautiful woman!!'..

‘Meh I wouldn't say beautiful,she's not pretty to me'..I scowled and then noticed two people walking out of the club which one of them seem to be someone I saw at the wedding..

Anyways why do i Care??..

I'm just tired already..

Claire's POV💍

📱:Baby are you okay??'.Mom asked as I picked up the phone..

📲:Yeah mom,yeah I'm okay why do you ask??'..I stuttered and sniffed my nose...

📱:Well for starters you're crying,I know when my daughter isn't okay so tell me what the problem is honey.Is Gray treating you well??'..She replied..

?📱:Fine you got me Mom!! He doesn't like me! He hates me! How am I supposed to live with a man for the rest of my life if he treats me like this??'..I said and she chuckled...

📲:Patience honey,he's still getting....'..Her voice trailed off as soon as Mark and Emma walked in..

📱:I'll call you later mom my ride's here'...I added and hung up the phone..

They both had somewhat like a disappointed look on their face and clearly didn't want to look at 
Me in the eye...

‘What's going on??'..I asked..

‘Well uhh Claire this might come as a shock to you but uhh...

‘But what??'..

‘We think Gray is seeing someone else'..

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