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 👩❤️‍👨💍 A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR👩❤️‍👨💍

💍(He doesn't like her)💍

👩❤️‍👨Episode 7👩❤️‍👨

Claire's POV💍

The Next Morning🌥
After taking a hot shower to wash away my tears from last night I changed into a simple lounge wear from Kim Kardashian's SKIM collection and packed my hair up in a tight bun with little strands falling out..

Gray came in minutes later with his hair wet and wearing loafers with a casual pajama pants and t shirt..

‘Hey'..I murmured as I turned on my laptop with a cup of coffee in my hands..

‘Good morning'..he replied and poured himself his own cup of coffee...


Can't he apologize??..

He literally left me on our wedding night!!!..

‘I know you're waiting for me to apologize but it's not gonna happen.You should have known what you were signing up for when you agreed to marrying me for my money'..He said and my fists clenched..

‘Is that what you really think?? That I'm marrying you for your money?? Have you checked my net worth Grey?? I don't need anything and the only reason I married you was because of the company!! And yes I wasn't expecting an apology from you!'..I yelled and grabbed my laptop walking away angrily...

Can't believe he thinks I'm getting married to him because of his money like why on earth would I even do that??..

I thought he hated me but I didn't realize it was this much??'..

Minutes later❤
I walked back into the room and he was already fully dressed for a meeting..

‘Where are you off to??'..i asked..

‘None of your business Claire,just because you're my wife doesn't mean I have to tell you of my whereabouts!!'..He replied..

‘But if it's a meeting i should know right??'..I still insisted and he scoffed...

‘Look we've only been married for a day so you're not expected to have a leash over my life!! Stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours!! The car would be coming over to pick you anytime soon!!!'..He yelled and walked out...

Mark's POV💍

At Night☄️
I downed another shot of whiskey and smiled as Emma walked into the bar..

‘Hey chicki'..I hollered and she rolled her eyes as she walked over...

‘Hey Mark,you're happy for our friend??'..She asked..

‘Who Claire?? Hell no that guy is a jerk'..i replied and she sighed..

‘Just what I thought'..


‘Turn to your 6'o'clock'..She said and I turned around only to see Mr Popular with another woman drinking..

‘I'm gonna give that guy a f**king piece of my mind'..I groaned but Emma held me back...

‘Let's not do anything,we've got to go pick Claire from the hotel,that's why I came looking for you.The bastard left her stranded over there'..She said and I pursed my lips...

Claire should have never gotten married to Mr popular..

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