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 👩❤️‍👨💍 A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR👩❤️‍👨💍

💍(He doesn't like her)💍

👩❤️‍👨Episode 4👩❤️‍👨

Gray's POV💍

‘No Grandma!! Not now! Not ever!!'..I yelled as i paced back and forth angrily..

‘Listen to me Gray!! You need a wife!! And the company clearly needs a merger so it's clearly killing two birds with one stone'..She said and I scoffed...

‘I don't see myself getting married to anyone not especially that woman who clearly dresses like a giddy girl!!'..

‘Gray don't speak of Claire like that!! She has potential,she's smart and you can't tell me she isn't beautiful!'..Grandma said trying to convince me otherwise...

‘I am known as Mr popular mom!! The media wants me single and not married!! They love me as a bachelor and nothing else!'..I groaned..

Like how can she even suggest I get married to that Claire of a person??..

I don't even like her one bit from the moment my eyes set on her boots..

What kind of a person dresses like that??...

‘Well fine then! No merger no company I'll sell the company instead to them'..Grandma threatened..

‘What?? You can't even do that??'..

‘Ohhh yes I can Gray! The company is still under my son's Name and I can do whatever I want to do with it so you don't have a choice'..

Claire's POV💍

At Night🌃
I sighed deeply staring at the stars and matching the constellations with my mind...

‘What'chu doing out here??'..i heard Mark's voice from behind me and smiled..

‘Hey buddy'..

‘Hey sissy,you're clearly thinking aren't you??'..He replied and I nodded..

‘So share your thoughts with me'..He said..

‘Well the company is planning on Merging with the Montero's which means that I'm going go be a wife to Mr Popular I mean Gray Montero'..i replied and his eyes glistened..

‘The same Gray who bullied you in school?? Now that's some real confusion but you've always loved him haven't you??'..

‘Just a crush Mark,just a crush'..I corrected..

‘Yeah call it whatever you want I ain't buying it,do you want to marry him??'..He asked..

‘Uhmm well I don't see myself dating anyone soon or anytime soon cause you know I'm not relationship material so yeah..yeah I want to marry him but he clearly doesn't like me'..

‘Well you could make him like you sweetheart,how do you think Emma fell in love with me??'..He teased..

‘Ohh Emma doesn't even like you!!'..

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