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 👩❤️‍👨💍 A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR👩❤️‍👨💍

💍(He doesn't like her)💍

👩❤️‍👨Episode 10👩❤️‍👨

Gray' s POV cont'd💍

‘Kill it will you?!!'..Claire screamed..

‘You're the one who is bad ass aren't you?? So kill it yourself!!'..I replied..

Ever since I was a little boy that phobia for rats has always been my weakness and I can't see myself getting close talk less of killing it...

‘Well then since no one wants to do anything about it then we'll go to the guest room then and I'll call the exterminator tomorrow'..I suggested and she nodded...

‘Good night then'...

‘Yeah goodnight'..

Claire's POV💍

The Next Morning🌥
I woke up and went into the bathroom to take a quick hot shower which helped a bit with the headache I was having...

When done I wrapped a towel around my body and just then Grayson walked into the bathroom...

‘Ahhh can't you knock?!'..i scowled..

‘It's my bathroom can't you lock the door??'..He scowled in return...

‘Fine then'..I muttered not in the mood for another argument and turned to leave but he held me back...

‘There's something on your face'..

‘Huh?'..I looked at the mirror and then saw a bit of soap by the side of my cheek..

‘What's the problem?? Cat cut your tongue??'..He asked and I frowned deeply...

‘You're a jerk Mr Popular I regret marrying you'..i said and he walked closer...

‘The feeling is mutual honey'..

Clarice's POV💍

I groaned at the top of my voice and tore away Gray's wedding pictures..

I'm so damn tired of playing the friend zone game..

I'm tired of acting happy about his marriage to that Claire b*tch!!..

I'm pretty sure she forced him to marry her and she just wants his property all to herself..

But I won't let that happen..

I'll convince Gray to give her a divorce and marry me instead...

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