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🔞👑(A whore for the prince)🔞👑

This Story is Strictly rated 🔞
     👑🔞Episode 8👑🔞

‘So who's the new whore with you PRINCE??'..Ivan Mclintosh,Steve's step brother asked as he walked into the room and Steve couldn't help but chuckle...

‘I don't have any whores with me Ivan,I just have a virgin who I'm planning on disvirgining tonight'..He said..

‘What you need is a wife Steve and someone to keep you under control'..Ivan muttered..

‘A wife?? Who would want to f**k one woman everyday??'..Steve replied as he ordered a Martini from the waitress....

‘Leaving that aside well someone's out to get you'..Ivan said meaning business all of a sudden...

‘Out to get me?? How so??'..Steve asked..

‘The club in Tokyo Steve,Mark was killed and there was a note on it—For you'..His brother replied and showed him a photo..

Steve stared at it and then in anger he threw the phone across the wall.


‘That bastard!! I'm so going to kill that bastard!!'..


Nicki gasped loudly as the bellboy took her straight to the penthouse suite and seeing how beautiful it was .

‘Prince can afford this?!!'..She blurted out aloud. .

‘Afford?? He owns the hotel!'..The bellboy snickered and walked away...


She Thought Steve Mclintosh was just a down and dirty club owner and drug dealer!!...

He owns the five star hotel??..

The man was way richer than she imagined but that made him mire terrifying...

All she wanted was to see her brother and not to loose her virginity in the process...

Steve was going to have her tonight..

She felt it..

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