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🔞👑(A whore for the prince)🔞👑

This Story is Strictly rated 🔞
     👑🔞Episode 26👑🔞

‘Oh God!!!'..Nicki cried out as she opened the door only to see Steve in his own pool of blood..

‘Oh God Steve wake up!!!'...She cried out and quickly ran towards the first aid box..

As a former red cross leader she knew everything about wounds and how to remove bullets but removing a bullet from the man who put her in so much turmoil..

Negative thoughts began to creep inside her head about leaving him to die and taking all his money to run away...

But she couldn't do that could she??..


The next morning Steve's eyes finally opened and when he turned around a blast of pain engulfed him...

‘Shhhhh just stay put'...Nicki calmed him down and he began panting heavily...

‘What the hell happened?? Why is there a bandage on my arm??'..He asked..

‘You were shot last night'..She replied...

‘Shot?? By who??'..he asked and she shook her head..

Ivan was absolutely right..

Someone was out to get to him...

‘I almost thought I lost you last night'...Nicki murmured and as she sat next to him...

‘Wouldn't that be a good thing??I dragged you here forcefully didn't I??'..He murmured and tugged her down for a slow intoxicating kiss..

‘The cops are outside,they want a statement so i should get going'..She said and he smiled...

‘I don't say this much but thank you Nicki...and as a sign of appreciation I want you to lock that door and come back wearing nothing but your beautiful body'..He groaned kissing her softly again and she was turned on...

Okay who was she kidding..

He was a monster and she was in love with him..

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