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🔞👑(A whore for the prince)🔞👑

This Story is Strictly rated 🔞
     👑🔞Episode 24👑🔞

‘He knows we're onto him!! He's going to kill you and kill me too!!'..Da Costa yelled at Annie who didn't look bothered about anything...

‘So?? He's not onto else or anything you're just being paranoid!!'..She yelled back and Costa scoffed..

‘Okay if that's what you want then fine!!! You should be ashamed of yourself after ruining his life all those years ago! I'm outta here!!!'..

‘Don't do it Costa!! You're gonna regret it'...She said and he smirked..

‘Watch me!!! Annie Mclintosh!!'..


Nicki smiled from the other side of the pool as Steve paced around wearing only swim trunks and looking damn sexy with it...

She wouldn't say it but he was always sexy when angry or grumpy over the phone...

‘Goddammit!!'..He groaned and threw his phone across the white washed wall...

‘What's the problem??'..She asked..

‘There's a problem with the factory in Limerick and we have to go to Ireland tomorrow'..He replied...

‘Ireland??I've never been there before!!'..

‘Well we have to go there tomorrow and I really wanted to go back to Chicago'..He groaned as she went into the water.....

‘Get into the water,maybe a swim would calm your nerves down'..She suggested.

‘I've got better things to do Nicki than get in the water'..Steve frowned..

‘You're all work and no fun!!'...She exclaimed and he couldn't help but smile...

‘You want fun?? If I get in the pool then I'll show you the real definition of fun!!'..He said and dived into the water with her...

‘Owwww!!!'..She cried out as he pinched her thighs..

‘You wanted fun,this is fun'..He replied and tickling her toes and she laughed heartily...

Something was happening to her...

She was falling in love with him..

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