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🔞👑(A whore for the prince)🔞👑

This Story is Strictly rated 🔞
     👑🔞Episode 23👑🔞

The Next morning Nicki didn't set her eyes on Steve and the next morning after that..

It was like she had the plague and he was avoiding her because of it..

She shouldn't have said those words,those stupid words to him but it wasn't her fault??..

She was cooped up in the mansion with only TV and popcorn that it ratted her nuts...

With a hand on the remote she continued watching the movie when He finally walked in looking tired...

‘It's 11pm'..She murmured..

‘And you should be in bed'..He replied..

‘I'm not a kid'..She said..

‘And I'm not your husband'..he answered walking past her..

‘Uhhh I..I..I'm sorry for what I said the other day'..She muttered holding Steve's hand..

‘Please let go of my hand Nicki I'm not in the mood for anything and I'm tired'..He said and she nodded..

‘What's going on?? You've been avoiding me and it's been long since we....

‘Wait is that an indirect way of saying you want to make love with me??'..Steve asked..

‘No..hell no I would never want that to..o..okay you got me fine!!'..She glubbered and he smirked...

‘You should have just said so'..


The next morning she woke up with a smile on her face and turned around to see Steve next to her...

He was sleeping soundly and looking more relaxed after last night...

There was a time she hated him with passion but now all she wanted was to be close to him...

He wasn't the usual hungry wolf last night but instead he was gentle with her last night,so gentle with his seductive touch that she almost said she loved him...

‘Mmmmh'...Steve murmured as he opened his eyes only to see her staring at him...

Last night was another experience for him,for it was the first time he was gentle on a woman...

‘Should I safely say that I don't hate you anymore??'..Nicki muttered as her fingers brushed his lips and he smiled....

‘Why don't you show me instead??'.

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